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4 Tips for Training Your Cat

Kitty Cat On Back

Cats are notoriously stubborn pets. They are often mischievous, and they’re almost always independent thinkers, caring very little for what their owners or anyone else expects of them. That doesn’t mean your cat can’t be trained, though! It may take a lot of patience and a bit of luck, but you can train cats to give up bad behaviors. Here’s how:

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How Diabetic Alert Dogs Detect Sugar Highs & Lows

Dog Giving a Helping Hand

Service dogs have long provided companionship and support for individuals with disabilities of all types. From seizure response support to autism service dogs, canines make terrific partners while also providing scientifically backed solutions to myriad health issues. The same is true of Diabetic Alert Dogs, also known as DADs. These specially trained service dogs are able to detect high and low blood sugar, seek help for their owners when they are in need, retrieve food and medication, and even dial 911 on a special device when necessary. Read More

Tips for Successfully Having Dogs and Other Small Pets

Dog and Bunny

Having a bunch of pets in your home can be tons of fun. However, if you have a dog and other small animals, you may find it challenging. Dogs can naturally feel predatory towards small animals, and other animals may feel fearful of dogs. If you want all of your furry friends to live in peace and harmony, the following tips can help. By taking a few extra steps, you can ensure that your pets are happy, safe, and thriving around each other.

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How to Train Your Cat

Cat sitting awaiting to be trained

Many cat owners have a love/hate relationship with their pet. Of course cats are warm, snuggly and comforting to have around, but they can also be annoying at times. If you’re struggling with a cat who refuses to use the litter box, loves to lay on the table or shows aggression toward other members of the family, here are some ways to nip that behavior in the bud.

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Tips for Road Trips with Dogs

dog looking out of a car window

The holiday season is around the bend, which means that many people will be taking trips to see their family. If your family has a trip coming up and you are planning to drive to your destination, you may want to bring your furry friend along. Going on a road trip with a dog can not only be convenient — it can also be tons of fun, too. Here are some tips for taking a road trip with your dog, so that the voyage is one loved by both your family and your pup.

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