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Test Kits

Test Kits
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SNAP Kit Parvo Test 5 Count

SNAP Parvo Antigen Test confidently detect parvovirus during viral shedding before clinical symptoms appear. The IDEXX SNAP p...

Allivet Price$89.99
SNAP 3DX 30 Count

The SNAP 3Dx Test is the standard of care for annual parasite screening. It provides an accurate, in-house result in just eig...

Allivet Price$429.00
SNAP 4DX Plus 30 Count

The SNAP 4Dx Plus Test is only one in-house test lets you screen for heartworm and three tick-borne diseases at once, includi...

Allivet Price$429.00
SNAP Canine Heartworm Test 30 Count

SNAP Heartworm Antigen Test allows you to confidently determine heartworm status in a brief 15-minute, allowing for rapid tre...

Allivet Price$229.00
SNAP Giardia Test Kit 15 Count

SNAP Giardia Test for dogs and cats, Giardia is very prevalent in feline and canine diarrhea cases, but infection is often mi...

Allivet Price$169.99
SNAP Feline Combo Kit FIV/FeLV Test

The SNAP Combo FIV Ab/FeLV Ag Test is a rapid immunoassay for simultaneous detection of antibody to feline immunodeficiency v...

As Low As$364.00
SNAP Foal IgG 10 Count

SNAP Foal IgG test gives fast, accurate results in just minutes—enabling you to detect low levels of IgG and begin life-savin...

Allivet Price$209.99
Witness Relaxin Canine Pregnancy Test Kit

Canine Pregnancy Test Kit Witness Relaxin Canine is a rapid immunomigration test for detection of the hormone relaxin in cani...

Allivet Price$119.99
VetScan Canine Heartworm Rapid Test - 25 Tests

Heartworm Antigen Test Kit for dogs. Heartworm must be berform before beginning heartworm prevention. Heartworm Antigen Test ...

Allivet Price$134.99
STATScreen Parvovirus antigen - 10 Tests

STATScreen Parvovirus antigen Test Kit Detects the presence of canine parvovirus antigen in canine feces. Sensitized particle...

Allivet Price$189.99
SNAP Canine Pancreatic Lipase (cPL) Kit

SNAP cPL Test Kit measures the canine lipase levels that are specific to the pancreas, alerting you if the levels are too hig...

Allivet Price$178.99
Schirmer Tear Test - 100 Strips

Schirmer's test determines whether the eye produces enough tears to keep it moist.This test is used when a person experiences...

Allivet Price$57.99
Dip Quick Stain Kit

Dip Quick Stain used to stain blood smears for cell differential counts and evaluation. Can be used for general diagnostic cy...

Allivet Price$54.99
SNAP Feline Triple Test

SNAP Feline Triple Test Kit is a 3 in 1 test that uses one blood sample to test for heartworm, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus ...

As Low As$364.00

Test Kits

Allivet carries a large selection of test kits ranging in many different functions. For example, The VetScan Canine Heartworm Rapid Test is specifically designed for the detection of Dirofilaria immitis in your dog’s blood. This highly sensitive specific test uses the whole blood, serum or plasma in a fast, easy and simple method, and the Canine Pregnancy Test Kit Witness Relaxin Canine, which is a rapid immunomigration test for detection of the hormone relaxin in canine blood. Can be used at 22 days gestation or after.