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Livestock Fly Control

Livestock Fly Control
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Catron IV

Catron IV for use on wounds to kill and repel ear ticks, mosquitoes, fly maggots, gnats, stable, horse, deer, face, house, an...

Allivet Price$7.99
Durasect II

Durasect II Long-lasting livestock pour-on is patented water-repellent ingredient binds to the hair and won’t wash off. Appro...

Allivet Price$39.99
Patriot Ear Tags 20 ct.

Patriot ear tags provides up to 5 months control of pyrethroid resistant horn & face flies and ticks.

Allivet Price$39.99

Livestock Fly Control

Fly populations can be a major nuisance for livestock. A common method for dealing with livestock fly control is the application of products containing insecticides. Different kinds of dusters, oilers, and sprays are available for the routine maintenance of these unwanted pests. Lice dusters for cattle and swine provide control of fleas, ticks and lice. Long-lasting livestock pour-on remedies offer relief from horn flies, face flies and biting lice

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