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Horse Performance "Export Only"

Horse Performance
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ATP 10ml ( Export Only ) is utilized in the Kreb's Cycle which physiologically is one of the key providers of energy to the m...

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Western Formula 2 100ml

Western Formula ( Export Only ) The addition of strychnine causes an increased release of red blood cells (RBCs) from the bon...

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Endurance Injectable 60ml

Endurance ( Export Only ) has been demonstrated in trails to increase strength and stamina by up to 15%, while also increasin...

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Cre-O-Pan 100ml

Cre-O-Pan ( Export Only ) Creatine and DMG Injectable. Creatine has been shown in Horses to increase muscle strength. Ornithi...

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Adrenal Cortex 50ml

Hydrocortisone ( Export Only ) is a potent anti-inflammatory agent thus providing some analgesia and a bit of euphoria to the...

Allivet Price$49.99
Anabol 50ml

Anabol (Export Only) is a very potent stimulant, that gives Camels energy and a feeling of “well being”. It increases both st...

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Peking Gold 50ml

Peking Gold (Export Only) is an oil based compound used to increase the estrogen levels in the body. Specifically some Horses...

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Lactanase 2X

Lactanase 2x ( Export Only ) is a very potent electrolyte solution used to treat depleted Horses and for horses that tend to ...

Allivet Price$29.99
Adenosine 50ml

Adenosine 50ml ( Export Only ) Many veterinarians working in the industry feel that AMP provides the effect of excitability i...

Allivet Price$49.99
Caco Copper 100ml

Caco Copper ( Export Only )The ingredients in Caco Copper act as blood builders and appetite stimulants. Dose: 10-35 ml IV is...

Allivet Price$29.99
Hemo 15 100ml

Hemo 15 100ml ( export Only ) injectable compound is a unique combination of amino acids, vitamins, iron, copper and other ma...

Allivet Price$29.99
P-Block 100ml

P-Block (Export Only) sterile aqueous solution is indicated for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with neurological...

Allivet Price$49.99
Arnica 50ml

Arnica 50ml Injectable ( Export Only) herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of rheumatic pain, muscular pain and stiffness...

Allivet Price$39.99
Booster 10ml

Booster 10ml ( Export Only ) increases body motabolism and excitability, BOOSTER can also be used about 6 hours prior to an e...

Allivet Price$24.99
Deladine 100ml

Deladine 100ml ( Export Only) Deladine 2% lodine (in Sesame Oil). This compounded injectable is an excellent internal blister...

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Green Speed 60ml

Green Speed 60ml ( Export Only ) increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and produces a sense of euphoria an...

Allivet Price$109.00
Sopangamine 50ml

Sopangamine 50ml ( Export Only) also called pangamic acid, vitamin B-15 has shown to decrease the rate of lacito acid build u...

Allivet Price$29.99
L-Arginine 100ml

L-Arginine 100ml ( Export Only ) 200 mg/ml 100ml vial This product is a potent nitric oxide enhancer causes vasodilation of b...

Allivet Price$39.99
ACTH 10 ml vial

ACTH ( export Only ) ACTH 80 units/ml is frequently used as a pro-race treatment, The hormone stimulates the horse’s own adre...

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Camphor ( in Oil ) 200mg/ ml (Export Only) has long been Known to work well as an effective expectorant and decongestant of t...

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Delvorex 100ml

Delvorex 100ml ( export Only ) Delvorex is a combination B-Complex and Amino Acids. This combination of vitamins and amino ac...

Allivet Price$39.99
Folic Acid 100ml

Folic Acid 100ml ( export Only ) 10 mg/ml Folic acid is very important in the development of red blood cells(RBC) and a defic...

Allivet Price$29.99
Methocarbamol Injectable

Methocarbamol Injectable 100mg/ml 100ml (Export Only) usual dose for horses is 2 to 10mg per lb for moderate conditions and 1...

Allivet Price$49.99
Equine Growth Hormone (EGH) 10ml

Equine Growth Hormone (EGH) ( Export Only ) is a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain.

Allivet Price$39.99
Shark Cartilage 100ml

Shark Cartlage is a very effective at reducing inflamation due to acute injury or chronic Arthuritis as in lower hook joint d...

Allivet Price$59.00
Glucosamin HCI 50 ml

Glucosamin HCI 50 ml Export Only.

Allivet Price$59.99
Equimed Pain Formula 2ml x 10 ds

EPF is a homeopathic preparation used in combinatiation with HA for IA use in fresh joint injuries.

Allivet Price$49.99
No Bleeder 120ml

No Bleeder 120ml Vial is a mixture of alkaloids and ergotamines in an alchhol solution that wors as potent dilators of the va...

Allivet Price$84.99
Bronchial Dilator 60 ml

Bronchial Dilator 60 ml (Export ONLY)

Allivet Price$59.99
DHEAP 10 ml

DHEAP 10 ml ( Export Only )

Allivet Price$29.99
DHEA 10 ml

DHEA 10 ml ( Export Only ) DHEA is a key hormone in overall health. It increases energy and improves mood. DHEA is made prima...

Allivet Price$29.99
DHEA 50 ml

DHEA 50 ml ( Export Only ) DHEA is a key hormone in overall health. It increases energy and improves mood. DHEA is made prima...

Allivet Price$149.99
Reserpine T.Q. 50 ml

Reserpine T.Q. 50 ml ( Export Only )

Allivet Price$74.99
Estrone 10 ml

Estrone ( Export Only ) is a very psycho-active hormone in both males and females. Vaso-activity in the brain may be increase...

Allivet Price$15.00
Glandular Peptide Extract 30 ml

Glandular Peptide Extract 30ml is an extract from specific glands of the brain that exert effects on more than just the adren...

Allivet Price$69.99
Equi-Speed 10 ml

Equi-Speed is a potent anti-inflammatory agent thus providing some analgesia and a bit of euphoria to the horse or camel.

Allivet Price$14.99
DHEAP 50 ml

DHEAP 50 ml ( Export Only )

Allivet Price$149.99
Flumethasone 100ml

Flumethasone 100ml (Export Only) Solution 0.5 mg/mL is recommended for the various rheumatic, allergic, dermatologic and othe...

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Horse Performance "Export Only"

"Export Only" products are only available to customers outside of the United States. These items are not available for sale to those ordering from any part of the United States.