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Wound Care

Wound Care
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Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 400 gm

Silver Sulfadiazine 10mg/gm 400 gm is a sulfonamide antibiotic. It is used on the skin for second or third degree burns. It h...

Allivet Price$59.99
AluSpray Aerosol Bandage

ALUSPRAY from Neogen is recommended as a protective barrier against external irritant agents in wounds in small and large ani...

Allivet Price$11.99
AluShield Aerosol Bandage

AluShield from Neogen has a unique aerosol formula that protects wounds from water, dirt, debris, bacteria and insects, yet s...

Allivet Price$11.99
Vetrap 4 "

Vetrap is a cohesive bandaging tape. 4” x 5 yards. Available in 9 colors. Apply Vetrap at approximately 50% stretch. Applying...

As Low As$1.89
Animalintex Poultice

ANIMALINTEX is a poultice dressing for use on horses and dogs to treat infected and open wounds, abscesses, cracked heels, mu...

Allivet Price$6.60
Catron IV

Catron IV for use on wounds to kill and repel ear ticks, mosquitoes, fly maggots, gnats, stable, horse, deer, face, house, an...

Allivet Price$7.99
Nolvasan Antiseptic Ointment

NOLVASAN ANTISEPTIC OINTMENT topical antiseptic ointment for surface wounds in dogs, cats, and horses. Contains 1% chlorhexid...

As Low As$16.99

Derma-Gel 100ml is an isotonic hydrogel indicated for intensive skin care. Derma Gel provides a barrier to moisturize and to ...

Allivet Price$17.99
Kwik Stop Styptic Powder - 42gm

Kwik Stop Styptic Powder 42 gm with Benzocaine can be used for external use on dogs, cats and birds. Kwik Stop Styptic Powder...

Allivet Price$12.99
THUJA-ZINC Oxide Ointment

THUJA-ZINC OXIDE OINTMENT is a protective astringent, antiseptic, counterirritant ointment for topical application to aid in ...

Allivet Price$9.99
Corona Ointment

Corona Ointment multi-purpose ointment helps promote healing, ensures moisture balance, lanolin-based protection, prevents dr...

As Low As$6.99
Wonder Dust Powder

WONDER DUST WOUND POWDER is a dressing powder and blood coagulant for use on certain types of wounds, cuts and abrasions. 4 o...

Allivet Price$5.99

DERMA-CLENS is an acidic cleansing cream for use on a variety of skin problems. Its non-toxic, non-irritating formulation mak...

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Nitrofurazone Soluble Dressing Fura-Zone Ointment is indicated for the prevention or treatment of surface bacterial infection...

Allivet Price$7.99
Granulex V

Granulex an enzymatic aid in the treatment of external wounds and assists healing by facilitating the removal of exudate and ...

Allivet Price$27.99
Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote, 4 oz dauber

Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote, 4 oz dauber Use on horses & dogs for treatment of surface wounds, cuts, galls, hoof, foot & pad sores, c...

Allivet Price$5.99
Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote, 5 oz aerosol

Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote, 4 oz dauber Use on horses & dogs for treatment of surface wounds, cuts, galls, hoof, foot & pad sores, c...

Allivet Price$7.99
Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote, 4 oz pump

A veterinary wound dressing widely used on animals for the treatment of ringworm surface wounds galls abrasions chafes moist ...

Allivet Price$6.99
Sodium Chloride 0.9% 1000ml Irrigation

Sodium Chloride (Saline) for use in irrigation ONLY, NOT FOR INJECTION.

Allivet Price$5.99
Vetericyn VF Wound & Skin Care

Vetericyn VF ( Veterinarian Formula )Wound & Skin Care spray is used to manage, treat and accelerate the healing of traumatic...

As Low As$23.99

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