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Wart Vaccine 50 ml

Wart VaccineProtects against and treats the bovine papilloma (wart) virus. Contains 5 strains of virus. Especially useful for...

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Fusogard reduce foot rot and liver abscesses due to Fusobacterium necrophorum. Labeled for use in healthy cattle 6 months of ...

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Papillomaviruses are the cause of cutaneous warts in cattle and horses. These viruses have considerable host specificity. In cattle, warts can occur on almost any part of the body. These warts are often morphologically specific, caused by distinct papillomaviruses, so that immunity to one of them does not necessarily confer immunity to others. The method of spread is by direct contact with infected animals, infection gaining entry through skin abrasions.  It is a disease mostly of young animals.  Immunity after a natural attack persists for at least two years. Warts ordinarily cause little harm and usually disappear spontaneously in 6 to18 months. Vaccines include Wart Vaccine and Fusogard