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Horse Hoof Equipments & Boots

Horse Hoof Equipments & Boots
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Hoof Pick

Durable stainless steel resists rust and bending.

Allivet Price$3.99
Milcare Hoof Trimmer - Long Handled

Makes hoof trimming & dehorning of young stock simple, easy and economical. Can be used on both horses and cattle.

Allivet Price$109.00
Hoof Trimming Kit Junior

Hoof Trimming Kit Junior contains Hoof Nipper, Rasp, Handle and Hoof Knife. Perfect for trimming cattle or horses hooves.

Allivet Price$117.99
Hoof Knife Set

The six blades are made of tempered stainless steel and snap securely in to the rugged wood and steel handle. Set includes ha...

Allivet Price$19.95
HOOFix Emergency Trail Boots

HOOFix Emergency Trail boots are must have 'spare tire' hoof boots that help protect your horse's hoof when you’re trail ridi...

As Low As$34.99
Hoof Rot Shears

Stainless steel hoof rot shears have teflon coated blades for maximum sharpness.

Allivet Price$16.99
Animalintex Hoof Poultice

Animalintex Hoof Poultice Pads 100% cotton wool with a non-woven cover on one side and plastic backing on the other. Contains...

Allivet Price$7.99

Horse Hoof Equipments & Boots

When a horse has problems with its feet, it is typically painful and reduces the animal’s ability to work. You need to try and keep your horse on a regimented hoof supplement schedule as well as check all four hooves daily; this includes picking them out, looking for injuries, and checking that the shoes are not loose. The feet must be checked regularly by a farrier and trimmed if necessary. If a shoe comes off, arrange for a farrier to visit as soon as possible. You also want to be aware of factors that affect the healthy growth of hooves. Horse Hoof equipments and boots are very important to have when owning a horse.