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Horse Respiratory Vaccines

Horse Respiratory Vaccines
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EQUIMUNE I.V. 1.5 ml Syringe

Equimune 1.5ml syringe for immune system stimuylation. An immunotherapeutic agent for the treatment of Equine Respiratory Dis...

Allivet Price$59.99
Fluvac Innovator

FLUVAC INNOVATOR ( Flu ) Equine Influenza (KY 97) Vaccine (KV) Protects healthy horses against Kentucky 97, the most current ...

As Low As$11.99
Fluvac Innovator 4

Fluvac Innovator 4 (S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu) Protects against Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis; tetanus and equine flu....

As Low As$14.99
Fluvac Innovator 5

Fluvac Innovator 5 (S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu + Rhino) Protection against Eastern and Western encephalomyelitis, rhinopneumoni...

As Low As$23.99
Fluvac Innovator 6

Fluvac Innovator 6 (3-way S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu + Rhino) Killed Virus. Protection against Eastern, Western and Venezuelan ...

As Low As$23.99
Fluvac Innovator EHV 4/1

Fluvac Innovator EHV 4/1 (Rhino + Flu) Killed Equine Influenza including Kentucky '92 strain, Equine Respiratory Rhinopneumon...

As Low As$16.99
Fluvac Innovator Triple E-FT

Fluvac Innovator Triple E-FT (3-Way S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu) provides protection against Eastern, Western, and Venezuelan en...

As Low As$13.99
Rhinomune (EHV-1)

Rhinomune (EHV-1) attenuated live virus for use in healthy horses as an aid in the prevention of infections of rhinopneumonit...

As Low As$12.99

Vetera VEWT + EIV/EHV (3-way S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu + Rhino) Killed Virus. Protection against Eastern, Western and Venezuel...

As Low As$23.99
Prestige V + VEE

Prestige V + VEE Killed Virus protects against disease caused by Eastern, Western and Venezuelan encephalomyelitis viruses an...

As Low As$27.99
Prestige V + WNV

Prestige V + WNV vaccine with Havlogen protects healthy horses 6 months of age or older; as an aid in the prevention of disea...

As Low As$42.99
Vetera 6 XP

Vetera 6 XP (3-way S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu + Rhino) Killed Virus. Protection against Eastern, Western and Venezuelan encepha...

As Low As$28.99

Horse Respiratory Vaccines

Horses can carry and spread highly contagious viral diseases that impact the upper respiratory tract. A proactive vaccination schedule can provide protection.  The two most common respiratory diseases that can be prevented are Rhinopneumonitis and Equine Influenza. Whether you choose to protect your horse with separate vaccines, or a combined Rhino/Flu shot depends on the exposure your horse has, including being boarded in a large stable, or involvement in a busy show or racing schedule. Allivet supplies a wide variety of horse vaccines. These vaccines are shipped overnight and include an ice pack for a safe shipment to your front door.