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Dog Toothpaste & Wipes

Dog Toothpaste & Wipes
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CET Dual-Ended Toothbrush

CET Dual-Ended Toothbrush has a long handle with reverse angle allows for easy application. Tapered end conforms to pet's mou...

Allivet Price$3.99
CET Pet Toothbrush

CET Pet Toothbrush helps provide proper pet dental care and prevents periodontal disease which affects 85% of adult dogs and ...

Allivet Price$3.99
CET Tartar Control Toothpaste - Seafood Flavor, 2.5oz

Flavored dentifrice for dogs and cats with enzymes and tartar control ingredients to fight bacteria and help prevent plague b...

Allivet Price$5.99
D.D.S. Toothpaste Fresh Flavor

D.D.S. Toothpaste Fresh Flavor Premium active ingredients fight bacteria to promote healthy teeth and gums. Available in grea...

Allivet Price$4.49
CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

CET Enzymatic Toothpastes for dogs and cats contain the CET Dual Enzyme system. Formulated specially for dogs and cats to inh...

As Low As$5.49
CET Oral Hygiene Kit for Dogs

CET Oral Hygiene Kits are the perfect way to start a program of regular oral hygiene. The kits are specifically designed to m...

Allivet Price$8.99
D.D.S. Canine Dental Kit

D.D.S. Canine Dental Kit Includes everything needed to keep your pet's teeth and gums clean and healthy... mint flavor toothp...

Allivet Price$6.99
D.D.S. Dental Wipes

D.D.S. Dental Wipes The pre-moistened, minty fresh Dental Wipes make it easy to practice good oral hygiene with your pet.

Allivet Price$6.99
OraVet - 8 Weeks Home Care Kit

OraVet works in an effective new way. It significantly reduces plaque and tartar formation by creating an invisible barrier t...

Allivet Price$23.99
CET Fingerbrush

CET Fingerbrush are the perfect way to start a program of regular oral hygiene. The kits are specifically designed to meet th...

Allivet Price$4.99
CET Mini-Toothbrush

CET Mini-Toothbrush fit on your finger and are excellent for very small dogs or for getting puppies accustomed to tooth brush...

Allivet Price$3.99
DentAcetic Tooth Wipes

DentAcetic Wipes is a convenient method to remove plaque and prolong the interval between Dental cleanings. DentAcetic now in...

Allivet Price$8.99
ProDen Plaqueoff Animal for Dogs and Cats

ProDen PlaqueOff Animal is a pet dental product available from veterinary practices and selected pet shops. Used daily, this ...

As Low As$10.99

Dog Toothpaste & Wipes

Dental care for your dog is very important. Dogs use their teeth to eat, which is essential for their living. Healthy teeth in dogs can be maintained when using the right products. Dog toothpastes and wipes are one form of dog dental care. Allivet carries a wide variety of dog toothpastes and wipes: D.D.S. Toothpaste comes in fresh flavor, CET Fingerbrush allows you more facility when brushing your dogs teeth, and D.D.S Dental Wipes are another alternative to brushing your dog's teeth.