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I am extremely impressed with your company. This was my second order. It was received unbelievably quickly. Great job!

Debra G

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PREVICOX Chewable Tablets

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PREVICOX Chewable Tablets

What is PREVICOX Chewable Tablets?
PREVICOX (firocoxib), anti-inflammatory (NSAID) for pain management associated with canine arthritis and osteoarthritis, provides fast pain relief, and outstanding improvement of lameness in a convenient, flavored tablet.

Who is PREVICOX Chewable Tablets for?

Why use PREVICOX Chewable Tablets?
Anti-inflammatory for dogs suffering from:
-Decreased activity or exercise (reluctance to stand, climb stairs, jump or run, or difficulty in performing normal activities).
-Stiffness or decreased mobility and flexibility of joints.

Dogs treated with PREVICOX in dose confirmation studies showed improvement in lameness within three hours compared to untreated controls, and returned to almost normal function after seven hours.

How PREVICOX Chewable Tablets work?
Previcox is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that works by inhibiting the COX-2 (cyclooxygenase-2) enzyme which generates the chemicals that are responsible for pain, inflammation and fever in the body.

Generic Brands:


Active ingredient(s):

What are the side effects of PREVICOX Chewable Tablets?
The most common side effects associated with treatment for dog arthritis with PREVICOX involve the digestive tract (vomiting and decreased food consumption). Liver and kidney problems have also been reported with the use of NSAIDs.

What special precautions are there?
PREVICOX should not be given with other NSAIDs (for example, aspirin, carprofen, etodolac, deracoxib, meloxicam, or tepoxalin) or corticosteroids (for example, prednisone, cortisone, dexamethasone, or triamcinolone). Tell your veterinarian about all medications that you have given your dog in the past, and any medications you are planning to give with PREVICOX tablets

What to do if overdose?
Contact your nearest emergency animal clinic.

How can I store PREVICOX Chewable Tablets?
Store at room temperature.

Helpful Tips:
Treatment with Comfortis chewable tablets may begin at any time of the year, preferably starting one month before fleas become active and continuing monthly through the end of flea season. In areas where fleas are common year-round, monthly treatment with Comfortis chewable tablets should continue the entire year without interruption.

Developed specifically for companion animals, PREVICOX is available in a once-a-day dose that provides therapeutic pain relief for 24 hours after treatment.




Previcox Dosage




Dogs & Puppies (7 weeks of age and older)

All weights

2.27mg/lb of dog’s weight once a day for osteoarthritis pain and inflammation


Average Product Rating:
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(4.89) Based On Reviews

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1. Tracy West on 7/31/2013 said:
1 2 3 4 5

PREVICOX is an awesome anti inflammatory my dog loves to take it
(0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
2. Pamela Geslicki on 4/21/2013 said:
1 2 3 4 5

My big boy (just over 100 lbs)has been using this product for about 5 years now. He has terribly painful joints from arthritis and hip displasia. We could see the relief he experienced as soon as he started this medication, coupled with Cosoquin, and we continue to see the beneficial effects to this day. I am very much saddened for those who have lost their beloved companions, but I have to say that my baby is experiencing a far better quality of life due to use of this drug.
(2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
3. Douglas Fox on 4/2/2013 said:
1 2 3 4 5

So far, ok. Now starting third 60 tablet bottle and dog is still alive and living a better life. Using the 227mg tablet split in HALF, to yield a 113mg/day dose which is given as TWO half doses of about 56mg (a quarter tablet 2x/day -- this method far cheaper than buying the lower dose tablets and giving 2 of them). Given hidden in peanut butter and added to the 2x daily feeding as Rx indicates to give with food and water. By giving two smaller doses, less stress on stomach and system. Recent blood work shows only 1 elevated liver value which Vet indicated could be result of Previcox, old age, or she is eating too much of something (peanut butter, premium allergy-free food, Milk Bones(<--got scolded for feeding those!). Only 4 stars due to cost/dose, the fuss of having to do so much pill spitting to save $ and be gentler on dog, need for EVERY 6 MONTHS blood tests to monitor liver function.
(1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
4. Anonymous on 2/29/2012 said:
1 2 3 4 5

Excellent product. Works FAST.
(0 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
5. Mrs. Nancy Clement Caron on 2/2/2012 said:
1 2 3 4 5

I am so Happy with your company ,This was my first order and couldnt believe how quickly I received it ,Not to mention how much i will be saving . Keep up the good work !
(0 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
6. Anonymous on 10/6/2011 said:
1 2 3 4 5

cannot get online
(0 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
7. Anonymous on 5/8/2011 said:
1 2 3 4 5

Our Rottweiler could not put any weight on his front left leg (due to arthritis and a possble sprain) and his back legs were weak from shifting most of his weight. He was on the med for only a couple hours and doing amazingly better. He is now on day two and doing much better! Thanks so much as it would not be easy to carry around an over 100 lb. dog!
(1 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
8. Anonymous on 1/8/2011 said:
1 2 3 4 5

My 5 year old mixed breed has osteoarthritis in her paws and I have been using this product for 2 years now. It has done wonders for her and my vet does a blood test once a year to make sure she is doing fine.
(1 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
9. Anonymous on 11/24/2010 said:
1 2 3 4 5

Previcox has made a great difference in my Sampson's mobility. I am so relieved to see him move around almost good as new. He is 12 years old and I was so worried that he was crippled. Now I can see a real positive change in his quality of life. Thanks to Previcox my baby can go outside again and enjoy a little time with his doggie friends.
(0 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
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