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GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 mg Chewable Tablets

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What is GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 mg Chewable Tablets?
Glyco-Flex is an innovative leader in joint supplements for dogs. All Glyco-Flex products contain glucosamine and extract of perna mussel plus Dimethylglycine (DMG), an antioxidant that asists in oxygen utilization and circulation in the joints. Smoke flavored tablets.

Who is GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 mg Chewable Tablets for?

Why use GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 mg Chewable Tablets?
-Glyco Flex maintains and prevents joint problems:Recommended for breeds predisposed to hip dysplasia and joint dysfunction.
-Supports proper joint function and connective tissue health in dogs
-Prevents, protects and restores your dog's joints throughout his life.
-Formulated for adult and maturing dogs, especially sporting and working breeds.
-Ideal for dogs suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis

How GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 mg Chewable Tablets work?
Glyco-Flex formulation includes green-lipped mussels which contain glycosaminoglycan, an essential component of cartilage, and that the green-lipped mussel extract inhibits fatty molecules that are pro-inflammatory.

Vetri Science Laboratories

Active ingredient(s):
Glyco-Flex is made from pure freeze-dried Perna canaliculus (Green-Lipped Mussel from New Zealand). It contains all major classes of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) including Chondroitin -4- and -6- Sulfates.

The Perna in Glyco-Flex is also rich in amino acids, naturally chelated minerals, numerous enzymes, vitamins, and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA).

How is GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 mg Chewable Tablets sold?
GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 Small Dogs 250 Ct.
GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 Small Dogs 500 Ct.

What are the side effects of GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 mg Chewable Tablets?
Consult your veterinarian before using this product in animals with clotting disorders; being treated with anticoagulant medications; diabetes, or any metabolic disorder causing hyperglycemia; history of urinary tract stones; known allergy to shellfish.

What special precautions are there?
Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.

What to do if overdose?
Contact your nearest emergency animal clinic.

How can I store GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC 300 mg Chewable Tablets?
Store In A Cool, Dry Place. Protect From Freezing And Extreme Heat.

Helpful Tips:
Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset.

Omega 3 fatty acids could also be added to optimize arthritis and joint treatment in dogs and cats.
Omega 3, 6, 9 for Dogs And Cats Gel Caps

Initial dose (first 4-6 weeks): Up to 30 lbs: 1 tab daily, 31-60 lbs: 2 tabs daily, 61-100 lbs: 3 tabs daily, 100+ lbs: 4 tabs daily.

Maintenance: Up to 30 lbs: 1/2 tab daily, 31-60 lbs: 1 tab daily, 61-100 lbs: 2 tabs daily, 100+ lbs: 3 tabs daily.


Glyco-Flex Classic  Ingredients




Perna canaliculus (Green Lipped Mussel)

300 mg

Brewers Yeast

130 mg


100 mg

Stearic Acid

43 mg


30 mg

Silicon Dioxide

6 mg

Guaranteed Analysis:


Per Tablet


Crude Protein


Crude Fat, min


Crude Fiber, max

14.0 %

Calcium, min


Phosphorus, min


Magnesium, min


Chondroitin Sulfates, min



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