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Western Formula 2 100ml

What is Western Formula 2 100ml?
The addition of strychnine causes an increased release of red blood cells (RBCs) from the bone marrow due to its effect of decreasing the ability of RBS to release its bound oxygen to the body's cells. The "feed back mechanism" of the temporary oxygen deprivation stimulates the bone marrow to release more RBCs to compensate. As the effect of the strychnine wears off (usually in 2-3 days), the RBCs then regain their normal stature with the added benefit of there being a larger volume of RBCs. This increased quantity translates to an increased supply of oxygen transported to the muscle tissues and thus increases in endurance and performance. Dose: 20 ml IV 72 hours prior to event. In some circumstances, a daily treatment can be beneficial but care must be taken because strychnine can be toxic when used even at a low dose for extended periods of time.

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