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Cre-O-Pan 100Ml Horse Performance
Cre-O-Pan 100ml Item# 27040
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Cre-O-Pan 100ml

What is Cre-O-Pan 100ml?
Cre-O-Pan ( Export Only ) Creatine and DMG Injectable. Creatine has been shown in Horses to increase muscle strength. Ornithine-a-ketoglutarate (OKG) removes ammonia from the muscles which is almost as important as removing lactic acid thereby increasing stamina and endurance. OKG also serves as a trememdous source of glutamine, an amino acid that is rapidly depleted during intense exercise. The end result is a more rapid rate of recovery. M-m-dimethyl glycine (DMG) is well known as a powerful performance enhancing substance that significantly decreases lactic acid build up and increases muscle endurance. This unique injectable combination is one of the best pre-event/race treatments. Dose: 25-50 ml IV 1-3 hours prior to exercise including racing or other endurance events.

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How is Cre-O-Pan 100ml sold?
Export Only

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