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Hot Shot The Green RECHARGABLE

Top-Of-The-Line 'Premium' Prod, designed and built for the commercial truckers. Hot-Shot has the most power of all the Hot-Shot prods, it is available in 9 lengths and also as a rechargeable prod (model HSR).
It also features our Sealed Motor Technology, which means the circuitry is completely sealed against the elements for maximum protection.

Hot Shot Electric prods are designed and manufactured for USE ON LIVESTOCK ONLY. Any other use is considered product mis-use. Electric prods are a tool used everyday by livestock handlers around the world to aid in the safe movement of livestock.

It has been and remains one of the most humane methods of handling livestock during transportation. Electric prods HAVE NO RELATION TO STUN GUNS - they are two totally different products. The output created by electric prods is only a mild electric shock - just enough to help move large cattle and hogs.

Stun guns, on the other hand, create outputs designed to knock a person down so they can run away from their attacker. Because electric prods only produce a mild shock, if a person was shocked with a prod it would feel somewhat like a bee sting. REMEMBER: KEEP ELECTRIC PRODS AWAY FROM CHILDREN PRODS ARE SERIOUS TOOLS, NOT TOYS PRODS ARE DESIGNED FOR USE ON LIVESTOCK ONLY Guidelines for Effective Prod Use Hot-Shot is committed to promoting safe and effective handling of livestock.

The following are our guidelines on how to use HOT-SHOT prods effectively and responsibly. Read and understand all instructions before operating unit. Install 6 fresh "C"-type alkaline batteries before use (always remove batteries if unit will not be used for prolonged periods). Use wrist strap to avoid dropping prod. Place contact points on livestock's rear flanks, upper rear legs, or thighs. Press the button and release quickly for effective shock.

Provide only minimum shocks to smaller animals, releasing button immediately and carefully gauging response. Be careful not to overshock livestock in damp or wet conditions, which may increase shock intensity. Do not apply shock too frequently or you may agitate animals that would otherwise be cooperative. Try applying longer energy pulses to the hindquarters of very large or stubborn animals, again taking care to avoid excessive shocks. Use only on livestock.

Clean prod thoroughly after each use with a damp cloth, clearing contact prongs of any hair debris. Store in a locked, secured area inaccessible to children. ELECTRIC PRODS ARE DESIGNED FOR USE ON LIVESTOCK ONLY! KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!

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