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Kow-Ball Marker

The Kow-Ball Chin Ball Marker is recognized worldwide as an effective heat detection aid assuring high conception. Made of harness leather, Kow-Ball is fully adjustable and attaches securely and comfortably to a teaser (Gomer) bull.

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What is Kow-Ball Marker?

This product fits under the chin of the bull. The stainless steel ball bearing, working on the same proven principle as the ball-point pen, marks cows in heat with a specially formulated, nontoxic marking fluid that adheres to the ball and resists drying. The adjustable leather harness holds the reservoir securely under the bull’s chin. The fluid reservoir holds a sufficient supply for 50-60 mountings. It is easily refilled by removal of the marker from the animal and inserting ink through the inspection valve at the top of the tank.



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