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SC 20/20 MVE Nitrogen Tank

Popular unit for small scale specimen storage where liquid nitrogen is readily available.

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What is SC 20/20 MVE Nitrogen Tank?

The SC series is designed for the user who has small capacity needs, but requires long-term storage and low liquid nitrogen consumption in a convenient lightweight package. Each unit includes a stainless steel canister and has a hinged, lockable cap to properly secure and protect container contents.

Why use SC 20/20 MVE Nitrogen Tank?

- Durable, tamper-proof lid design
- Easy maintenance lid design
- Superior strength, lightweight aluminum construction
- High-strength neck tube reduces liquid nitrogen loss
- Locking tab
- Color-coded canister/lid numbering system
- Advanced Chemical Vacuum Retention System - designed for superior vacuum performance over the life of the product
- Spider design - for easy retrieval and insertion of product canisters
- Insulation - MVE’s advanced insulation system provides maximum thermal performance

How SC 20/20 MVE Nitrogen Tank work?

Uses liquid nitrogen to refrigerate medical samples.



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