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SNAP Giardia Test Kit 15 Count

SNAP Giardia Test for dogs and cats, Giardia is very prevalent in feline and canine diarrhea cases, but infection is often missed with fecal floats alone. That’s why we developed the SNAP Giardia Test to be used side-by-side with fecal floats.

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What is SNAP Giardia Test Kit 15 Count?

The SNAP* Giardia Test Kit is a rapid enzyme immunoassay for detection of Giardia antigen in canine and feline feces. The presence of this antigen in fecal samples indicates the animal has ingested Giardia cysts, may be actively infected, and may be shedding cysts in feces. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and anorexia, and infections are particularly dangerous for immuno-compromised animals.1,2

Precautions And Warnings
- Use a separate SNAP device and conjugate/swab device for each test. Do not reuse kit components.
- Infectious Giardia cysts may be shed in feces and remain viable for long periods. Handle all samples as if capable of transmitting infection.
- Properly dispose of contaminated materials and disinfect work areas.
- The bioactive spots on the SNAP device are dyed for quality control purposes. This dye washes out during the test and does not interfere with the test result or interpretation.
- The SNAP device must be in a horizontal position on a flat surface while the test is performed.
- Do not use a SNAP device that has been activated prior to the addition of a sample.
- Do not expose the SNAP device to extreme light after activation.
- Do not mix components from kits with different lot numbers.
- Do not use components past their expiration dates.



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