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C.E.T. Dental

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CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

CET Enzymatic Toothpastes for dogs and cats contain the CET Dual Enzyme system. Formulated specially for dogs and cats to inh...

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CET Dental Chews

CET Chews beef rawhide strips with a dual enzyme formula to prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria.enhance and activate a...

As Low As$6.99
CET VeggieDent Chews

CET VeggieDent chews are highly palatable, vegetable-based chews for dogs. C.E.T. VeggieDent chews contain no animal-origin i...

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CET Oral Hygiene Kit for Dogs

CET Oral Hygiene Kits are the perfect way to start a program of regular oral hygiene. The kits are specifically designed to m...

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CET Oral Hygiene Rinse

CET Oral Hygiene Rinse 8 oz combines 0.12% Chlorhexidine and Zinc Gluconate in a plaque-fighting formulation that may be used...

Allivet Price$12.99
CET Fingerbrush

CET Fingerbrush are the perfect way to start a program of regular oral hygiene. The kits are specifically designed to meet th...

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CET Mini-Toothbrush

CET Mini-Toothbrush fit on your finger and are excellent for very small dogs or for getting puppies accustomed to tooth brush...

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CET Aquadent

CET AquaDent Dental additive 500 ml when added to pets drinking water daily, it freshens dogs and cats breath and helps preve...

Allivet Price$14.99
CET HEXtra Chews

CET HEXtra Premium Chews with Chlorhexidine Beef rawhide strips with the power of chlorhexidine, plus the CET dual enzyme for...

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CET Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats

DentAcetic Tooth Gel 2 oz a patent pending acetic acid tooth and gum gel with sodium hexametaphosphate. The former creates a ...

Allivet Price$8.99
CET Cat Toothbrush

C.E.T. Cat Toothbrush are tiny brushe especially designed for reaching a cat's molar and premolar teeth, where the worst dent...

Allivet Price$3.99
CET Oral Chews for Cats

CET Oral Hygiene Chews for cats are made from freeze-dried fish, provide an abrasive texture for removal of plaque and contai...

As Low As$9.99
Dentahex Oral Care Chews

Dentahex Oral Care Chews feature Chlorhexidine gluconate 10% (w/v), along with the natural abrading action of beef-hide to ai...

As Low As$6.99

C.E.T. Dental

Caring for your cat’s teeth or dog's teeth is easy with C.E.T Dental products.  Adding C.E.T Dental products to your pet’s health care program ensures better dental health and improves your pets overall health as well.  C.E.T Dental products enhance and activate a naturally occurring oral defense mechanism. C.E.T. Dental Chews are a great tasting and effective way to help keep your pet's breath fresh and teeth clean. Save on your pets dental supplies at