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Celebrate Your Furry Friends This Labor Day!

Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. All workers deserve to be celebrated on Labor Day, including our four-legged friends! There are many animals that contribute to the function our society and everyday lives. Whether it is as a companion and a family pet, or providing us with things like milk or transportation, animals deserve to be celebrated on Labor Day as well and recognized for the large role they play in the world. Some examples of these working animals that should be celebrated include:

Working Dogs: Many canine species are bred for certain functions, other than being absolutely adorable cuddle buddies! There are many working dogs out in the world, playing their part and helping many humans in need. Seeing Eye Dogs help guide the blind, allowing them another resource that ensures their safety and promotes their independence as citizens. Another type of working dog can be K-9 trained dogs that work along our police. These dogs use their super human smelling abilities in order to monitor safety in airports, transportation of illegal substances, and even in search parties for missing persons. These dogs showcase an incredible amount of dedication to their jobs and should be recognized for all of their contributions to our society.

Companion Cats: Cats serve as great pets to many kinds of people. Although it is not necessarily a job, cats are companions for their owners. They provide love, warmth, and happiness for many homes and should be celebrated for their unconditional love.

Horses: There are many hard-working horses out there that deserve out human respect and admiration. Police Horses are used in many parts of the world as another means of transportation. They can provide transportation to places where cars may not be able to get to. Horses have also been a huge part of the foundation that built many cities and countries around the world! Before cars, horses were the main form of transportation. Horses have served in battles, races, expeditions, and many other activities along with many famous pioneers and people from history.

These are just a few examples of furry friends that deserve to be recognized and celebrated for the amazing jobs they do every day!