Archive - April 2015

Heartworm in Cats

Cat Heartworm Preventative

Did you know that cats can also suffer from heartworm disease?

The reach of parasitic heartworms extends far beyond canines, infecting a whole gamut of species.  The potentially lethal threat of heartworm disease affects not only dogs, but 30 other species including ferrets, wolves, coyotes, foxes, sea lions, as well as our beloved cats.

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Product Spotlight: Feliway

Feliway Diffuser at Allivet

Grumpy cat? Help kitty grab life by the whiskers with Feliway!

Cats are very territorial animals. Their territory is made up of constellations of places dedicated to given activities. And cats spend time every day marking, organizing and identifying those areas. What is crucial to cats is to have something which has some stability over time.

What humans do is disorganize their areas by moving furniture, cleaning and washing off their scents. Activities such as redecorating, moving furniture, having guests over, moving, introducing new cats or excessive noise can cause even more stress. This can lead to stress behaviors such as spraying, scratching furniture, overgrooming, appearing withdrawn, vocalizing a lot, and aggression towards people or other cats. Read More