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Product Spotlight: VetCrafted Omega Max Soft Chews for Dogs and Cats

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Your pets diet may be missing crucial vitamins and oils that keep their bodies functioning at their best.  Vitamins such as vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids are key components in the health of cats and dogs and serve numerous purposes.  Whether you’re a loving pet owner or competing in shows you want your pet to feel and look their best but first let’s take a look at what vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids do and how you can supplement your pets diet to include these crucial nutrients.

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Preventing Animal Cruelty

Animal Abuse Prevention

Animal abuse is a very unfortunate reality here in the United States and the entire world.  Rural and urban areas both show reports for hundreds of cases animal abuse and this is just the surface of the problem.  No doubt there are numerous other cases that go unreported with the most common victims being horses, dogs, birds, cats, and livestock.  In a place where humans can’t treat each other right it comes as no surprise that pets too are caught in our whirlwind of anguish.

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Product Spotlight: Palladia Tablets for Dogs

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Dogs are living many times longer than they had in the past.  This is due to numerous reasons, advancements in medical technologies, the availability of pet health information, dogs living inside homes rather than outside and people taking better care of their pets in general.  In the past dogs often times died due to common illnesses or accidents but now, due to their longer lifespans, dogs now face a new range of medical issues with one of those being cancer.

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Easy: Our June Pet of The Month Winner

The hard work really paid off. We are happy  to announce the winner of our Allivet Pet of the Month Contest, Gayle Vogt’s adorable Yorkie, Easy ! Easy set the record this year with 3756  votes. That’s the most votes earned so far for the year. Easy does it! Now that’s amazing! This Yorkie is simply stunning and loved by many within the yorkie community, his friends on facebook and among his own family Easy is a favorite.

Put your paws together for Easy, our June Pet Of The Month Contest Winner.

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