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Top 4 Vaccines Your Horse Must Have

horses running by lake - equine vaccines

As most horse owners know, a regularly scheduled vaccination program is one of the best ways to safeguard your hours(s) against viruses or diseases that are common to a specific geographic region, could present a public health risk, or are mandated by law.

There are many types of vaccines to give horses. Novice and even experienced horse owners have a difficulty knowing which vaccine to administer. However, there are four vaccinations that every horse must have. As a service to horse owners everywhere, we prepared this guide of the top 4 vaccines your horse must have.

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Free Equine Vaccine Chart

Equine Vaccine Chart - Allivet

As a service to horse owners everywhere, we prepared this comprehensive yet easy-to-read chart so you can learn which vaccine you need to administer to your horse and protect it against the West Nile Virus, Equine Influenza, Tetanus Toxoid, and more. Vaccinating your horse is the best way to protect it against life-threatening diseases and infections. Equine vaccines should begin when the horse is young to ensure the best results. To download a free PDF version of the chart, please right click equine vaccine chart_allivet then select “Save link as”.

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My Dog is Constantly Itchy Can It have Atopic Dermatitis?

dog scratching on grass

You notice your dog is constantly itching and scratching. You have tried the various flea and tick remedies available. Yet your best-friend still keeps scratching like there’s no tomorrow. Then you start noticing your four-legged buddy’s ears are showing signs of inflammation, and it is developing ear infections. You also notice your dog’s skin is damp, damaged, or reddened, due excessive scratching or chewing.  If your dog is showing these symptoms, it might be suffering from Atopic Dermatitis.

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How to Take Amazing Pet Photos with Your Smart-Phone or Tablet

Kitten in a box

You just purchased a new mobile device. Whether it’s a smart-phone or a tablet, you notice it has a camera built into it. You start taking pictures with your mobile device, and you share them with your friends, family and even the world on social media sites. Soon you will want to take photos of your pets. You study the more popular social media sites and notice how everyone’s pet photos are just stunning. Of course you too will want to improve your pet photography skills.

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