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Chubby Pup? Here Are a Few Helpful Diet Tips for Dogs

Chubby Dog

Almost all dogs love mealtime, and treats are a fun way to reward your pet. However, if a dog eats too much or doesn’t get enough exercise, he can gain weight — and he may get to the point where he needs to lose a few pounds. If you have a chubby pup on your hands, fear not! There are some easy ways to help him shed the excess weight. Here are a few of the best. Read More

Pet Obesity: How Does Your Dog or Cat Weigh In?

Obese Cat

Few things tell your pet that you love them and approve of their latest trick or loving stare quite like a serving or two of their favorite treats. But much like their humans, a significant portion of the American cat and dog population is suffering from an obesity epidemic. According to APOP (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention), over 45 percent of dogs are over the obesity threshold, with their feline brothers and sisters faring far worse at over 58 percent weighing in as obese. Although a few extra pounds won’t necessarily make or break your pet’s health, and may actually contribute to their lovability and cuteness, being excessively overweight or obese can lead to serious health problems and complications. Here are a few simple guidelines to help keep your fur baby’s weight and health in check, without necessarily denying them their favorite food and treats. Read More