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Newsweek Best Online Shops 2020

Here at Allivet, we have always been aware of our passion for taking care of our furry friends. Now, we have been recognized!

Newsweek released their list of the Best Online Shops of 2020, and has ranked #1 in the Pet Supply category.

Newsweek partnered with Statista, Inc., a global data-research firm, to rank various websites by combing through criteria such as site structure (e.g., “The homepage is very clear and well structured”), offerings like free shipping and VIP discounts, personalized recommendations, site security, and so on. They narrowed the list down to 1000 online shops that offer the trifecta of the best products, prices, and services. The online shops with the highest scores out of 10 were then awarded “Best Online Shops 2020.” This was broken down into 39 categories, one of which was Pet Supply, where Allivet landed the top spot.

Not to brag, but we are very certain they got it right! We realize that the product we offer at Allivet is not just any consumer good. We are focused on products that improve the overall health of one of your most prized family members: your fur baby. Over the years, Allivet has had increased focus on customer service. We don’t like to treat our company as simply a pharmacy. We very much consider ourselves an online retailer as well, and the expectation should be as such. The customer should expect (and receive!) lightning fast shipping times, attentive and thorough customer service, and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or their money back.

While Newsweek has formally recognized Allivet, we have seen the recognition for years from our loyal customer base, as you can see in our online reviews. No matter how many accolades we receive, we here at Allivet will continue to strive every day to ensure that our service only gets that much better, because your fur babies deserve it!