Announcing the Winners of our 2014 Shelter Appreciation Contest!

Allivet Pet Pharmacy is proud to announce the winners of the 2014 Shelter Appreciation Contest. This contest aims to raise awareness and reward shelters for their hard work and the countless animal lives they save. After asking customers to nominate their favorite shelter, the staff at Allivet carefully reviewed each entry and selected the winners. Allivet will award a $100 gift card to each of the following shelters:

Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc. nominated by Dolores Lauricella- Schnauzer Love Rescue is committed to rescuing Miniature Schnauzers and finding them safe and loving home. This year they have already rescued over 155 Miniature Schnauzers. They provide veterinary services as well as foster homes to bring rescued schnauzers love, trust, safety, and health. To ensure their safety, Schnauzer Love Rescue conducts a home visit with the adopting family before placing their schnauzers, to ensure they find them the very best forever home.

Bow Wow Revolution nominated by Sakeena Barrett- Bow Wow Revolution Animal Rescue is a non-profit that is 100% volunteer and foster based. They support all breeds with a mission to rescue, foster, nurture, and o place homeless animals from high kill shelters intloving homes. Bow Wow Revolution is a network of foster homes that provides animals a safe and nurturing environment until they are adopted.

Animal Rescue Inc nominated by Laura Gery- Animal Rescue provides a sanctuary to homeless pets. They pair good families looking for a new companion with one of their cats or dogs. If they are not adopted, the pets will always have a forever home at the Animal rescue. At any given time, Animal Rescue has approximately one hundred dogs and several hundred cats, providing a safe haven for stray and abandoned animals. They also provide a low cost spay/neuter program and believe each animal should be allowed to live out their natural lives. No animal is put to death because of medical expenses or the inconvenience of care.

Greyhound Friends, Inc. nominated by Hannah Eckman- Greyhound Friends is a non-profit dedicated to saving racetrack greyhounds by placing them in responsible and loving homes. While they are predominantly focused on rescuing greyhounds, they also help some non-greyhounds who are in kill shelters or other high-risk situations. Since 1983, Greyhound Friends has found homes for more than 9000 dogs. They maintain a kennel with 20 dogs, and as soon as a dog is adopted, another one comes in from a racing kennel. The dogs are groomed, treated medically, fed and cared for.

Allivet wants to thank all who participated and dedicate their lives to helping animals. Thank you for making the world a better place!

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