Baylee: Our September Pet of the Month Winner

Allivet September Pet of the Month Baylee

Put your paws together for beautiful Baylee, our September Pet of the Month Winner! Baylee is a gorgeous Great Pyrenees with a beautiful personality and a funny bone. Her proud mom Terri tells us more:

Terri and her husband decided to add another Great Pyrenees to their family. Their Great Pyrenees, Barret needed a buddy. And living on a farm, having a second dog helps guard the livestock against predators such as wolves and coyotes. They bought Baylee as a puppy from a specialized breeder and lover her just like Barret!

Baylee is not only beautiful on the outside, she also has an amazing personality to match. She is only 9 months old and according to Terri she is “friendly, comical, happy, loving, loyal and yet she knows she has a job to do as a livestock guardian dog.”

What are the best things about Baylee? Terri says, “her instinct to guard and protect at such a young age. So much more but I feel that’s the best thing about her.”

And as for her funny bone, Terri tells us,  “Since having her for a short time, she has already shown me how funny she can be. She talks to me when it comes to feeding time. She tries to play keep away with whatever she has, for instance, this just happened the other day: I washed my bath mat and wanted to hang it outside to dry. I hung it on a wire crate we have and the wind blew it off. It landed next to the fenced in area where Baylee and Barrett are kept. Baylee decided to, somehow, pull it through the welded wire fencing and proceeded to play with it. Yep, it was destroyed and the funny part was when I went in to get my bath mat….Well, that is when the keep away game began. I can’t help but laugh now.”

Beautiful Baylee just WON our brand new VetCrafted Complete Wellness Kit for Dogs PLUS some scrumptious Blue Buffalo Chicken Blue Bits!


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