Bosco: Our July Pet of The Month Winner

This adorable, cocoa-colored chihuahua mix cutie stole the hearts of many voters this month. We are happy  to announce the winner of our Allivet Pet of the Month Contest  is, Michael Clough’s charming Chihuahua mix Bosco! Micheal and Bosco beat the close competition with 468 votes.

Put your paws together for Bosco, our July Pet Of The Month Contest Winner.

Michael Clough tells us his story:

IMG_20150727_112029-1I met Bosco at the Morongo Basin Humane Society’s no-kill shelter in Joshua Tree, California on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2014.
A friend was looking for a puppy and I suggested the shelter. When she asked me to come with her, I had to think twice about it because our chocolate lab, Sole had just gone over the rainbow bridge in July and I wasn’t sure I was ready for another furbaby just yet and knew I would be sorely tempted!
Well, I went! When we arrived, my friend went straight to the puppies and I went to the large dog area. I wasn’t getting that “feeling,” so I wandered around and came across a kennel with 4 chihuahua mix dogs inside. They were all jumping and barking at the gate, but one. This adorable, cocoa-colored cutie wasn’t making a peep!
I put my hand up to the gate and he came right over. The others were yapping up a storm trying to get my attention, but I was smitten! I asked to have him taken out so I could get to know him a little better. The moment I had him in my arms, it was done! He stole my heart and he will never be more loved!
Bosco is about 2 years old and lives in the California desert. He loves to chase lizards and is very good at chasing, but not so good at catching! (Thankfully!)
Thank you so much for voting Bosco Dog of the Month!

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Congratulations to our beautiful winner, Bosco! Best of luck to all our August participants! Allivet pets are indeed the most beautiful pets, inside and out!

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