Pugsley: Our May Pet Of The Month

We are delighted to announce the winner of our Allivet Pet of the Month Contest is Annette Gordan’s sweet Pug, Pugsley! This pup is absolutely one of a kind.  He won the contest with the highest votes earned thus far. 1,628 votes placed Pugsley in first place. Put your paws together for Pugsley, our May Pet Of The Month Contest Winner.

Annette Gordan tells us her story: 


Allivet Pet Contest WinnerPugsley was born August 25, 2015. My Grandson of seven years old wanted a Pug for about four years. Inspired by the movie “Milo and Otis.”  Pugsley was re-homed on October 14th, 2014. We saw the look in my Grandson’s eyes and in 15 minutes he was going home with us. Pugsley is bursting with character. His name should have been “Silly.” He makes us laugh constantly with the actions the things he thinks to do. Amazing! Pugsley has been a blessing to our lives. He is our little “Weirdo.”

Pugsley has changed my Grandson’s life. Pugsley has grounded him. Pugsley makes him so happy. Pugsley is definitely his dog. They have a special bond.

Pugsley has passed 2 levels of obedience school. He is currently on level three. After we saw the difference he made for our Grandson life, we knew we had to share his gift. He is in training to be a Therapy Dog. We have chosen Mesa Banner Children’s Heart Hospital and the DAV Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.

Thank you for all that voted for Pugsley. You sure made one little 7 year old boy very proud and happy!


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Congratulations to our beautiful winner, Pugsley, and best of luck to all our May participants! Allivet pets are indeed the most beautiful pets, inside and out!

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