Shylah Shyanne: Our February Pet Of The Month

Shylah Shayne Allivet February Pet Of The Month

We had over 500 entries for February’s Pet Of The Month Contest, and our winner is finally in! Allivet is proud to introduce our February Pet Of The Month: Shylah Shaynne! This beautiful Sheltie is the winner of Allivet’s Wellness Package. Her owner, Sherry, shared Shylah’s heartwarming story with us:

I got Shylah when she was 4 months old.  By the time she was 6 months, I knew I had an energetic Sheltie who needed something fun to do.  I met someone who said Shylah looked like a good candidate for agility, so we began agility lessons.  Out of our class, Shylah was voted most likely to succeed in agility.  We never looked back after that.  Our bond grew stronger as we worked together to learn agility and become a team.  She became very attuned to me.  Anything I asked of her, she tried hard to please. We also did Rally, but she didn’t like it as much.  She loved agility.  Shylah was so bonded with me, when I broke my wrist last winter, she sat with me each day, never once jumping on, leaning on it, or in anyway injuring my cast, but just lying next to it on my lap, as if being a protector.  Recently last spring, she was diagnosed with a tumor on her liver that could not be removed during surgery because it had grown too large.  Her time was limited.  We ran agility that summer, but had to retire in December, because her Vet said the tumor has pretty much taken over the liver, and that kind of motion is much too hard on the liver.  Preferring to keep Shylah with me as long as possible, we now spend our days walking, playing some ball, and cuddling on the recliner while watching TV.  Smart, fun, energetic, my teammate and my agility partner, that’s my Sheltie, Shylah Shyanne.

Do you have a beautiful pet? Enter our March Pet Of The Month Contest to win a Wellness Package filled to the brim with pet favorites, hand-picked by our experts here at Allivet. These include:

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Congratulations to our beautiful winner, Shylah Shaynne, and best of luck to all our March participants! Allivet pets are indeed the most beautiful pets, inside and out!

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