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Joint Supplements for Dogs

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What causes joint pain in dogs?

Dogs spend their lives playing, jumping, and putting a strain on their joints. Frequently-used joints can be prone to more wear, tear, and injuries, especially in some breeds. Developmental issues such as elbow or hip dysplasia are caused by improper development of the joint. Degenerative issues, such as arthritis, happen over time. Arthritis is commonly caused by degenerating ligaments. Your dog may experience other causes of joint pain as well.

What are the symptoms of dog joint pain?

You may notice that your dog is less active. They may have more trouble doing things they used to love, or even struggle to engage in normal activity. These are usually some of the earlier signs of joint issues. In more severe cases, you might see that your dog is holding their leg up, unwilling to walk on it, or refusing to use one paw. Joint problems typically progress slowly enough that the first sign of a problem will not be clearly apparent pain.

What can you give a dog for joint pain?

Allivet carries a variety of effective options for joint supplements for dogs. From natural supplements to pain-relieving gels, we’ve got a variety of options to improve your dog’s quality of life. Dog vitamins for joints are impressively useful in relieving and preventing pain, and dog joint supplement side effects are relatively few, offering peace of mind to concerned pet parents.

Some of the best joint supplement for dogs are:


Does glucosamine really help dogs? Just ask the multitude of active dogs enjoying the benefits of Dasuquin products. From the makers of Cosequin, this well-loved brand offers supplement options with or without MSM in the form of dog joint supplement chews or tablets. More than just glucosamine, these products support healthy joints and offer several formula options.


Another of the best dog hip and joint supplements on the market, the chews + MSM formula combines three active ingredients - (TRH122®) chondroitin sulfate, (FCHG49®) glucosamine hydrochloride and manganese ascorbate, providing joint pain relief for dogs. Cosequin also offers several other options and formulas for pain relief and management, including capsules, powder, or tabs.


Another excellent choice for joint supplements for dogs, this Vetri-Science product comes in many formulations and types, including chews and tablets. While each formula varies, they all include glucosamine for optimal joint support, making them another contender for best joint supplement for dogs.


Do joint supplements for dogs really work? The glowing reviews for Antinol speak for themselves. In the form of a softgel capsule, this product contains a quality blend of fatty acids that enhances joint health, promotes cartilage health, and decreases inflammation. It also offers skin and coat benefits.


Another of the best-loved brands of joint supplements for dogs, Phycox offers granules or chews in several different formulas. Each with their own unique benefits, these supplements reduce inflammation in your dog’s joints.


The G3 and G4 formulas each offer a tasty soft chew with a full-strength blend of ingredients to support healthy, pain-free joints.


These soft chew joint supplements for dogs offer broad-spectrum joint protection in a proprietary blend of ingredients.


These unique products are useful for long-term management of chronic inflammation. Each Duraclactin supplement contains MicroLactin, which is an exclusive dried milk protein concentrate with properties to help block cytokines and inhibit the participation of neutrophils in the inflammatory response, which alleviates inflammation. Depending on the formula you choose, your dog may also enjoy joint fluid maintenance and reduction of free radical oxidation. This brand offers different formulas and forms (chewable tablets or soft chews).

Allivet offers even more options, including Glyde, Movoflex, homeopathic options, hip-specific remedies, and more. Check out Allivet’s selection of joint care products to improve the mobility of your dog’s hips and joints, thus improving their overall quality of life.

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