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Cat Glaucoma Medications

Glaucoma occurs when the pressure inside the eyeball becomes higher than normal. Excessive pressure in the eye can damage the eyes internal construction. The retina and optic nerve are especially sensitive to increased eye pressure. If left untreated, loss of vision or total blindness can occur. Opthalmic medications such as Timolol help reduce internal pressure in the eye maintaining healthy eye function for your pet. Methazolamide tablets work by inhibiting the actions of carbonic anhydrase reducing the amount of fluid and pressure in the eye. Pilocarpine Opthalmic Solution is a medication that works by opening the trabecular meshwork causing the fluid in the eye to drain, reducing eye pressure and pain in the eye. Discomfort, pain and loss of eye sight are all associated with Glaucoma this is why you will want to look out for early signs and start treatment right away to control the condition and maintain healthy eye function for your cat.
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