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Blackleg & Pasteurella

ONE SHOT ULTRA helps provide dependable control of pneumonia caused by Pasteurella, combined with 7- or 8-way protection against clostridial diseases, including blackleg, enterotoxemia and redwater (8-way only), in one convenient vaccine.1 It's scientifically formulated as a Beef Friendly™ 2-mL dose that's given subcutaneously. ONE SHOT ULTRA is made with the patented, water-soluble adjuvant Stimugen to induce an effective immune response while offering a favorable safety profile. ONE SHOT ULTRA provides effective protection against Pasteurella and its lung-damaging leukotoxin in a single dose. The Pasteurella is lyophilized to stabilize and ensure the consistency of the leukotoxoid, which is critical to protection against pasteurella pneumonia.
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