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Horse Allergy Respiratory

Horses can develop allergies to environmental contaminants that can lead to asthma-like symptoms. When some horses are exposed to dust and molds, they develop allergies. Why some horses do and others do not develop allergies is unknown. There is some evidence that this disease may be genetic. Horses born to effected parents are three times more likely to develop RAO than horses born to non-affected parents. Respiratory allergies are the second most common reason why horses have to drop out of competition, behind only musculoskeletal problems such as leg injuries. Medication used depends on what type of allergic respiratory disease the horse has developed.  Your vet may recommend an antihistamine like Anihist or Hydroxyzine which are both oral Antihistamine/Expectorants. Speak with your veterinarian regarding the course of treatment for equine respiratory disease. Allivet carries medication for the treatment of horse respiratory allergies, at the best prices.  

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