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Horse Colic & Musculoskeletal

Lameness in the horse is considered any disturbance or abnormality in the horses' natural gait. This disturbance or abnormality may be due to mechanical differences in the limbs, conforming defects or asymmetry in the body, or it may be caused by pain due to soft tissue, articular, hoof capsule, or neurological disturbances. A critical point to remember is that the majority of lameness' in horses go undetected. chronic lameness issues, more than one area of the horse may be painful. As you can imagine once one limb or area of the body is painful, the horse will adjust his or her way of moving and this compensation can lead to additional areas of pain. Horse colic and musculoskeletal medication are very important when treating these conditions and symptoms effectively. They can be found on Allivet.com for great prices!

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