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Dog Calming Aids

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When do I need to use calming aids for dogs?

Dogs will encounter many stressful situations throughout their lives. Some dogs may appear unaffected by noises, new environments, the effects of aging, and other anxiety-inducing factors, but many dogs have trouble dealing with everyday (or occasional) stresses and sounds. Some of the common stressors for dogs include:

  • Fear – Fear can come from many sources. It might present itself when your dog travels in the car, whether it be on a trip or just to a veterinary visit. Visitors in the home can cause fear, or strangers passing by on the street can lead your dog to experience fearful feelings. Loud noises are a common problem for anxious dogs. Beeping noises, fireworks, thunderstorms, or even a crying baby (especially when that baby is a new family member) can cause your dog to become anxious. Introducing your dog to a new environment can also lead to stress.
  • Separation – Dogs are such faithful companions because they become affectionate and attached to their families. However, this can lead to anxious or destructive behaviors when those family members have to be out of the house.
  • Aging – Senior dogs can suffer from cognitive dysfunction syndrome, or CDS. This is a condition that is similar to what humans experience with Alzheimer’s disease. It leads to confusion and anxiety in dogs because they no longer understand things like they once did. This is why dogs can tend to become more and more anxious as they age.

How can I calm my dog's anxiety?

Pet parents have many calming aid options for dogs to help manage the symptoms of anxiety.

  • Calming Spray – Dogs can benefit from dog calming pheromone sprays. Products like Adaptil Travel Spray or NaturVet Quiet Moments Herbal Calming Spray contain ingredients that are designed to simulate the calming characteristics of a mother dog’s pheromones. These products are simply sprayed in or onto the area your dog will be occupying, such as a room, crate, or car. The area will then be more calming and enjoyable for your dog.
  • Collars – Calming collar for dogs can be incredibly useful, lasting solutions to anxiety. Mother dogs release DAP, or dog appeasing pheromones. These pheromones are familiar to dogs throughout life. They cause dogs to relax and calm down in stressful situations. Adaptil Collars and NurtureCALM 24/7 Collars are two excellent options.
  • Treats – Calming chews for dogs are an enjoyable way to comfort and soothe your dog. Calming chews for dogs are safe and effective, and they’re a great daily reward. Some of the best calming treats for dogs are:
    • Vetri-Science Composure – These bite-sized, all-natural calming chews for dogs are an excellent solution for stressful situations like traveling, veterinarian visits, guest visits, fireworks, and more.
    • NaturVet Quiet Moments – Available with melatonin, with hemp, or in a senior formula, these soft chews are a great option for calming your anxious dog (or senior dog) before a stressful event.
    • Pet Naturals Calming – These stress management calming chews for dogs help dogs with anxiety-related behavior problems. A non-sedative solution, these treats are a great option for any stressful situation.
    • Solliquin – These soft chews promote relaxation and provide your dog with feelings of contentment and calmness.
    • VetCrafted Calming – These calming chews for dogs calm nerves in stressful situations like parties, vet trips, and fireworks.
    • PetiPet Calming Bars – These plant-based, all-natural calming treats for dogs contain anxiety-reducing passion flower, chamomile, and hemp for a non-sedative, calming effect.
  • Supplements – Calming supplements for dogs are an effective, non-prescription way to soothe your dog’s anxiety. Over-the-counter calming pills for dogs are available from many trusted brands, including Zylkene, Solliquin, Zentrol, and more. The best calming supplement for your dog will depend on your dog’s symptoms, anxiety triggers, and behavioral problems.
  • Compression Jackets – A great choice for pet parents who are wondering how to calm a dog down quickly in stressful times, ThunderShirts gently apply pressure to soothe your anxious dog.
  • Beds – You may be surprised to learn that a well-designed dog bed can offer comfort. With raised edges to give a snuggling effect, your pup can settle in and feel instantly relaxed.
  • Music – Music or white noise can be useful in calming your dog. Using specific music while you’re away or playing white noise during times of anticipated stress can help your dog associate positive, soothing sounds with calmness and comfort.
  • Massages – Learning how to give your dog a gentle and comforting massage can provide them with much-needed stress relief. Physical touch is important for humans and for dogs. Massages can have other benefits aside from relaxation, such as pain relief.
  • Calming Dog Toys – There are many toys on the market that are specifically designed for anxious dogs. From puzzle toys to keep your dog busy and focused to pouch-style toys that hold your t-shirt to keep your scent nearby, toys can be a fun and useful way to engage your dog and quell anxious behaviors.
  • Prescription Dog Anxiety Medication – Available with a prescription from your veterinarian, prescription calming medication for dogs(link to is an effective tool to use in conjunction with behavior modification. Your vet will be able to tell you how to calm your dog down with medication, and they can recommend other techniques and products to try. Just a few of the top-reviewed dog calming pills include:
    • Fluoxetine – In the form of an oral solution, capsules, or tablets, this medication is an effective treatment for aggression or obsessive-compulsive behaviors.
    • Trazodone – Another excellent choice for treating separation anxiety and other anxiety issues, these calming pills for dogs are a vet-recommended medication with many behavioral benefits.
    • Amitriptyline – These calming pills for dogs work for a number of anxiety symptoms and causes, including noise aversion and separation anxiety. This medication is a great choice for dogs who are fearful of thunderstorms or fireworks.

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