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Dog Oral Flea & Tick Control

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bravecto chewable tablet

Bravecto ChewsRx

4.91 out of 5 stars Reviews: 3,332
Starts at$19.00
NexGard for Dogs and Puppies

Nexgard for Dogs and PuppiesRx

4.89 out of 5 stars Reviews: 2,045
Starts at$58.99
Trifexis Chewable Tablets for Dogs

Trifexis Chewable Tablets for DogsRx

4.89 out of 5 stars Reviews: 2,533
Starts at$20.02


4.91 out of 5 stars Reviews: 1,305
Starts at$48.09
Comfortis Chewable Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Comfortis Chewable Tablets for Dogs and CatsRx

4.86 out of 5 stars Reviews: 1,125
Starts at$48.50
Simparica Chewable Tablets for Dogs

Simparica Chewable Tablets for DogsRx

4.90 out of 5 stars Reviews: 533
Mfg. Price$44.80
Sentinel Spectrum

Sentinel SpectrumRx

4.90 out of 5 stars Reviews: 415
Starts at$51.36
Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats

4.67 out of 5 stars Reviews: 84
Starts at$28.90
Credelio Flea & Tick Chewable Tablets for Dogs & Puppies

Credelio Flea & Tick Chewable Tablets for Dogs & PuppiesRx

4.46 out of 5 stars Reviews: 50
Starts at$19.49
Simparica Trio Chewable Tablets for Dogs

Simparica Trio Chewable Tablets for DogsRx

5.00 out of 5 stars Reviews: 14
Mfg. Price$129.81
Advantus Oral Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs

Advantus Oral Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs

4.38 out of 5 stars Reviews: 16
Mfg. Price$25.98

Why You Should Use Flea Pills for Dogs

Ticks and fleas are some of the most common inconveniences afflicting dogs. Fleas and ticks don’t just carry the potential for irritation – they carry potentially harmful diseases, too. Your pet’s quality of life is your primary concern, and eradicating these parasites using flea and tick pills for dogs allows you to keep your dog happy, healthy, and carefree. Flea and tick pills for dogs play an important role in caring for your canine companion.

Many flea and tick treatment options are safe for very young puppies. Dogs of all ages are susceptible to these parasites, so it’s important to treat your puppy as soon as they’re old enough (based on the treatment option you choose). Give your puppy the best start with flea pills for puppies.

Fleas and ticks are far more difficult to treat than they are to prevent. With all the high-quality, effective treatment options available today, it’s easy to find an option that works well for your dog!

Benefits of Flea and Tick Pills for Dogs

Your dog’s environment is likely full of fleas and ticks. Ticks live all over the United States and are active all year long. Some can even survive freezing temperatures. Adult fleas find their way to your dog, laying their eggs and causing an infestation to begin and intensify quickly. Some dogs are allergic to fleas, posing even more problems when infestations arise. Ticks can attach to your pet, often carrying harmful diseases.

While it might be tempting to treat your dog only during certain times of the year, dogs should be treated for fleas and ticks year-round. This offers your dog the best chance of avoiding disease and infestation. Allivet offers many great options for flea and tick medication.

Best Flea and Tick Pills for Dogs


Bravecto, FDA-approved and veterinarian-recommended, is a flea and tick treatment that kills fleas and prevents them from re-infesting. It also kills several types of ticks. One dose lasts for 12 weeks (lone star tick protection lasts 8 weeks).. Bravecto protects your dog for almost 3 times longer than other monthly flea and tick pills for dogs, making it an excellent choice for your busy lifestyle.


Trifexis is a monthly 3-in-1 beef-flavored oral flea treatment for dogs. It is made to treat and prevent fleas, and it provides the additional benefits of preventing heartworm disease and treating and controlling whipworm, roundworm, and hookworm infections. It comes in an easy tablet for convenient administration.


Nexgard is the only FDA-approved flea and tick chew that prevents Lyme disease caused by infection. It does this by killing black-legged ticks before they can transmit the Lyme-causing bacteria. Nexgard is the top veterinarian-recommended flea and tick control option.


Sentinel is more than just an easy oral flea medication for dogs. It protects against 5 common types of parasites, offering comprehensive protection for your dog. Sentinel prevents heartworms, fleas, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms in puppies and dogs. The easy to administer tablet is tasty and convenient. Lufenuron, the active ingredient, is exclusive to Sentinel, making it a one-of-a-kind choice.


Comfortis is a quick-acting, safe, and effective treatment against fleas. It works for a month to kill and prevent flea infestations, keeping your dog flea-free! Use Comfortis for 3 months to treat an existing infestation, and continue use to maintain prevention. These flea pills for dogs are an excellent choice for powerful flea prevention.


Simparica works for 35 days to protect your dog from fleas and ticks. This makes it an extremely convenient treatment option, offering a few extra days compared to monthly treatments. Simparica is the only monthly treatment that prevents 5 types of ticks, and it also blocks the transmission of Lyme disease. It is an FDA-approved medication that comes in the form of a chewable. It has a taste that dogs love! Simparica is a great choice for tick and flea pills for dogs.

Other Actions to Take

Beyond choosing the appropriate flea and tick treatment such as topical ointments and flea shampoos, you should take action to prevent these parasites. Maintaining treatment with the medication of your choice is the most important step, but other steps can be taken to make fleas and ticks a thing of the past.

You should regularly examine your dog for fleas and ticks. A flea comb is a useful way to check your dog for flea infestations, and a good, close check of your dog’s skin is excellent for ensuring that no ticks have found a home on your precious pup. If your pet is exhibiting signs of an infestation, such as hair loss, tiny black spots, or scratching, it may be time to re-evaluate your treatment regimen.

Proper yard maintenance, including cutting the grass regularly and keeping trees and bushes groomed, can be an effective step in preventing fleas and ticks in your dog's outdoor environment. These parasites seek hiding places, and minimizing these can be a surprisingly helpful way to keep the pests away. Fencing your yard can keep feral animals away, which are known carriers of disease-ridden parasites.

There are a few ways to reduce the occurrence of infestation inside the home as well. Frequent vacuuming can cut back on fleas and ticks, especially when you focus on hidden areas like underneath furniture, baseboards, and other less-traveled areas. Change bags often. You may even find it helpful to place a flea collar inside the bag or canister to kill fleas collected inside, making it impossible for them to escape and re-infest. Your car could also follow these same guidelines if your dog is a frequent passenger. Wash your pet’s bedding, toys, and other surfaces in hot water to kill and prevent infestation.

These measures can improve your own quality of life, as well as that of your dog. Prevention is key, but if you find yourself with a parasite problem, don’t panic! Simply take proactive steps to eradicate the problem, then be diligent about preventing re-infestation. Fleas and ticks can soon be a distant memory!