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Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs

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Product Description

Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs prevents attachment of ticks. Preventic Detaches existing ticks within 48 hours. Preventic Kills ticks for 3 months. Preventic aids in the prevention of tick-borne diseases. Do not use on puppies less than 12 weeks old. See Allivet's Flea and Tick Chart to find which flea and tick product is best for your pet.

What is Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs?

Preventic Tick Collar is used in dogs to prevent the attachment of ticks

Who is Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs for?


Why use Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs?

-Prevents attachment of ticks -Detaches existing ticks within 48 hours -Kills ticks for 3 months

How does Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs work?

Activity against ticks starts within 24 hours and continues as long as the collar is worn (up to 90 days). Ticks present in the dog's environment that may reappear on the dog will not attach and will be killed in less than 24 hours. Replace collar when effectiveness diminishes.


Virbac Animal Health

Active ingredient(s):


How is Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs sold?

18 inches 25 inches

What are the side effects of Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs?

No known side effects

What special precautions are there?

What to do if overdose?

In case of overdose contact your nearest pet hospital

How can I store Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs?

Store in a cool dry place

Helpful Tips:

Read entire label directions before each use.
Place the PREVENTIC collar around the dog's neck, buckle and adjust for proper fit. Cut off and dispose of excess length. Do not allow dogs to play with cut-off excess. The collar must be worn tightly enough to contact skin and so that the dog cannot remove it.


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Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs

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