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AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml Rx

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Product Overview

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Questions & Answers

Product Description

AceproJect (Acepromazine Maleate Injectable) is a sterile subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous injectable solution. It is a powerful neuroleptic agent that boasts a low order of toxicity, which is particularly valuable in tranquilizing horses, cats, and dogs. The lack of hypnotic effect and rapid action are also advantageous.

What is AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml?

Acepromazine Maleace Injection, USP - A sterile solution for intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. A potent neuroleptic agent with a low order of toxicity, is of particular value in the tranquilization of dogs, cats and horses. Its rapid action and lack of hypnotic effect are added advantages.

Who is AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml for?

For use in horses, cats, and dogs.

Why use AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml?

Acepromazine Maleate Injection is especially helpful as a preanesthetic treatment. It aids in tranquilization.

How does AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml work?

Acepromazine Maleate Injection is a central nervous system depressant, therefore causing reduced spontaneous activity, muscular relaxation, and sedation. It acts quickly, offering a pronounced and prompt calming effect.


Henry Schein Animal Health

Active ingredient(s):

Acepromazine maleate, sodium citrate, citric acid, benzyl alcohol, and water for injection

How is AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml sold?

50 mL vials.

What are the side effects of AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml?

A safety study utilizing elevated dosages of Acepromazine Maleate demonstrated no side effects, even when administered at 3 times the upper daily dosage limit. The most common clinical observation for the higher dosage was mild depression, which dissipated in most cases 24 hours after terminating dosage. The only side effect during numerous clinical trials was reverse sneeze (very mild respiratory distress), which was temporary and had no effect on the drug's action.

What special precautions are there?

  • Do not use in animals with allergy or hypersensitivity to this drug.
  • May lower blood pressure in animals by blocking nervous control of blood vessels. In some cases, may increase heart rate, and therefore should be used cautiously in animals with heart disease.
  • Drug reaction can lower blood pressure and cause heart arrhythmias in Boxers, and is therefore not recommended for this breed.
  • May cause sedation, but a paradoxical reaction of severe aggression or excitement may occur in some animals. Because of this, dogs on this medication should be gently handled and never left along with young children.
  • May worsen or initiate seizures or epileptic attacks in susceptible animals. Caution should be used when given to pets with seizure disorders, although it is best avoided.
  • Can lower body temperature, so pet should be kept warm.
  • May interact with other drugs. Contact your veterinarian to determine if your pet's other medications could interact with acepromazine. Such drugs include antidiarrheals, antacids, epinephrine, propranolol, barbiturates, and narcotics.
  • The most common effect is that your pet becomes relaxed, quiet, or more lethargic. Many may seem unsteady or uncoordinated. These effects are expected and could last for several hours following a dose.
  • After dosing, it is common for the animal's third eyelid to elevate. This is not a cause for concern as it is reversible.

What to do if overdose?

Immediately contact your closest animal hospital.

How can I store AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml?

Store in a dry and cool environment.

Helpful Tips:

This medication should never be administered without speaking to your veterinarian first.

Pharmacists are standing by to offer Pet Parent counseling regarding prescription medication purchased from Allivet before and after dispensing. Pharmacists on duty are available Monday-Friday, 9:30AM - 5:30PM EST and will be on call Saturday 12:00PM - 4:00PM EST for consultation.


Injection: ACEPROMAZINE MALEATE INJECTION is a sterile solution which may be given intravenously, intramuscularly or subcutaneously. The dosage should be individualized, depending upon the degree of tranquilization required. As a general rule, the dosage requirement in mg/lb of body weight decreases as the weight of the animal increases. The following schedule may be used as a guide to intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injections.

Main Ingredients

-Acepromazine maleate
-Sodium citrate
-Citric acid
-Benzyl alcohol
-Water for injection

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AceproJect (Acepromazine Injectable) 50 ml

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