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AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips

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Product Description

AlphaTRAK 2 a hand-held Blood Glucose Monitoring system validated specifically for cats and dogs. AlphaTRAK is reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision. 50 test strips per box.   

What is AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips?

AlphaTRAK 2 a hand-held Blood Glucose Monitoring system validated specifically for cats and dogs. AlphaTRAK is reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision.

Who is AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips for?

Dogs and cats

Why use AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips?

-Is convenient and easy to use -Provides accurate results in seconds -Is specifically calibrated for dogs and cats -Allows you to provide reliable data to your vet -Avoids inaccurate readings as a result of testing in stressful situations -Allows you to manage your pet’s diabetes from the comfort of your home -Priced affordably, making at-home testing easy and economical

How does AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips work?

Glucose control solution allows performance of quality control tests to ensure that the AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System is working properly and that the test results are reliable



How is AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips sold?

50 per box

What are the side effects of AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips?

No known side effects

What special precautions are there?

• Do not bend, cut, or alter a AlphaTRAK2 Test Strip in any way. • Use clean, dry hands to gently touch the test strip when removing it from the vial or inserting it into the meter. • If you accidentally prick yourself with a lancet, please follow normal first aid procedures. If bleeding persists, please contact your local healthcare professional.

What to do if overdose?

Contact your nearest emergency animal hospital

How can I store AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips?

Store the test strip package in a dry place between 40° - 86°F (4° - 30°C). Use test strips only within the system operating temperature range as outlined in the AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System User Guide. • Store away from direct sunlight and heat. • Use each strip immediately after removing it from the vial. • Store test strips in their original vial only. The cap or vial contains drying agents to protect the test strips. Do not transfer test strips to a new vial or any other container. • After removing a test strip from the vial, replace the vial cap immediately and close it tightly.

Helpful Tips:

The test will automatically start when the AlphaTRAK 2 test strip detects there is an adequate amount of blood. If needed, additional blood may be added to the test strip within 60 seconds.

  • If you choose the marginal ear vein as the testing site, it may help to use a flashlight to see the vein better and to place gauze or a cotton ball behind the ear to make a firmer testing surface.
  • If you choose the paw pad, select an area on the side of the paw that your pet does not step on.
  • To increase blood flow, prior to lancing, warm the sample site by gently rubbing, applying a warm cloth or a bag or sock filled with rice and warmed in the microwave for 20 seconds.
  • To help the blood form into a droplet, apply a very thin layer of petroleum jelly to the sample site before lancing.

50 test strips per box

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AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips

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Can you use cvs brand or any other brand in the Alphatrak 2?

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