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EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test

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Product Overview

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Product Description

EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge is used in the I-Stat Portable Clinical Analyzer. It tests capillary whole, venous, or arterial blood for hemoglobin, hematocrit, blood gases, chemistries, and electrolytes.

*This is a cold ship item. *This item can't be shipped to MN. 

What is EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test?

EC8+ I-stat Cartridge Chemistry, electrolytes, acid base status FOR USE WITH I-STAT Portable Clinical Analyzer.

Who is EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test for?

For use in small animals, horses, dogs, and cats.

Why use EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test?

Features of EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge:
  • Excellent solution for research needs at the point of care, exotic animals, monitoring in hospital operating room, and critical care scenarios
  • Totally handheld and portable package offers accurate hematology, chemistry, electrolyte, and blood gas results in just minutes using 2 to 3 drops of whole blood

How does EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test work?

Measurements are taken using electrochemical-sensing technology. A group of thin film electrodes, which are located at the top of each cartridge, are coated with chemically-sensitive film. The coated sensors react to small changes that are caused by chemical reactions within the sample. The sensors are either conductometric (measuring conductivity changes), amperometric (measuring electric current changes), or potentiometric (measuring electric potential changes). The analyte concentration is determined through measuring the difference between the sample and the calibrant. The difference is converted to the exact concentration units for the analyte using the internal processor of the analyzer. The maximum record number depends on the customization settings of your handheld device, but the VetScan i-Stat1 stores a minimum of 1,000 records.



Active ingredient(s):

Sodium, Hematocrit, Potassium, Hemoglobin, Chloride, TCO2, pH, HCO3, pCO2, Base Excess, BUN, Anion Gap, and Glucose

How is EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test sold?

25 count packages

How can I store EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test?

All VetScan i-STAT1 cartridges should be refrigerated at 2-8 °C (35-46 °F). Once removed from the refrigerator, cartridges can be stored at room temperature (18-30 °C or 64-86 °F) for up to two weeks. Once a cartridge has been warmed to room temperature, do not return it to the refrigerator.


Allow five minutes for an individual cartridge - or one hour for a box of 25 cartridges - to reach room temperature before use if taken from refrigerator.

Main Ingredients


Base Excess
Anion Gap

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EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test

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