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Product Description

PhytoVet C is an antiseptic shampoo with penetrating agents and emollients. For dermatological conditions where an antiseptic, cleansing and deodorizing formulation may be beneficial. For use on horses, dogs and cats.

What is Phytovet C 4% Shampoo?

Phytovet C 4 % contains a high concentration of chlorhexidine and phytosphingosine which deodorizes, cleanses, and treats a pet's inflamed skin.

Who is Phytovet C 4% Shampoo for?

Dogs, Cats and Horses

Why use Phytovet C 4% Shampoo?

- Phytosphingosine restores the lipid barrier - Moisturizes and soothes skin in dogs, cats and horses

How does Phytovet C 4% Shampoo work?

Phytovet C 4% contains chlorhexidine to fight gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Phytovet C 4 also contains phytosphingosine that restores the dermal lipid barrier and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Henry Schein Animal Health

Active ingredient(s):

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%

How is Phytovet C 4% Shampoo sold?

8 oz 16 oz

What are the side effects of Phytovet C 4% Shampoo?

No known side effects have been reported.

What special precautions are there?

Avoid contact with pet's eyes. If eye contact occurs rinse eyes thoroughly and contact veterinarian immediately. For external use only do not swallow.

What to do if overdose?

If skin irritation develops or increases, discontinue using the Phytovet C 4% and contact veterinarian.

How can I store Phytovet C 4% Shampoo?

Store at controlled room temperature.

Helpful Tips:

This product was formerly known as Dermachlor 4%.

Dosage and administration: Always use as recommended by vet. Wet coat thoroughly. Apply and lather shampoo over the entire body, allowing for 5 to 10 minutes of contact time. Rinse completely with water. Repeat procedure if necessary.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%, Phytosphingosine 0.05%

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Phytovet C 4% Shampoo

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