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VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test Kit, 25 Tests

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Product Overview

How To Use

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Product Description

VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test is a specific, highly-sensitive test that detects Borrelia burgdorferi in canine plasma, serum, or whole blood. VetScan is the first and only canine Lyme test, offering the proven advantages of VetScan - value, simplicity, and speed.
Kit contains 25 tests.

Who is VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test Kit, 25 Tests for?

For use in dogs.

Why use VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test Kit, 25 Tests?

Features of VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test:
  • Only available single test for canine Lyme disease
  • Kit comes with 25 tests
  • Offers results in just 8 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective

How does VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test Kit, 25 Tests work?

Lyme Quantitative Antibody Test measures peptide-specific antibodies that mimic Borrelia antigens that are not found in non-infected or vaccinated patients. The level of this antibody quickly rises following exposure, and it declines quickly following successful treatment, making it an excellent measure for testing.



How is VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test Kit, 25 Tests sold?

25 Test Kits

What special precautions are there?

Keep out of reach of children.

How can I store VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test Kit, 25 Tests?

Store at room temperature

Helpful Tips:

These tests offer a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature, making them cost-effective and convenient to store.


Test Procedure:
1. Remove the test device from the protective pouch and place it on a flat surface. Label the device with subject I.D. or control identification.
2. Gently mix the sample by inverting.
3. Using the pipette provided, dispense 1 drop of sample (whole blood, serum, or plasma) into the sample well. wait for the sample to be absorbed (3 to 5 seconds).
4. Holding the bottle vertically, promptly add 2 drops of the sample buffer to the sample well.
5. Read the results within 10 minutes. High positive results may appear as soon as 1 minute and low positive results may take up to 10 minutes to appear. Do not read results after 15 min. Colored lines which appear after 15 minutes are not diagnostic and should be ignored.

Main Ingredients

25 Test Kits

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VetScan Canine Rapid Lyme Test Kit, 25 Tests

Customer Submitted Questions

What is the sensitivity and specificity?

1 Answer

Is this the same test as the standard ELISA screen used to detect antibodies in humans? If so, then I'm guessing this would work for human samples as well?

1 Answer
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