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Fluvac Innovator 6

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Fluvac Innovator 6 (3-way S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu + Rhino) Killed Virus. Protection against Eastern, Western and Venezuelan encephalomyelitis, influenza type A2, tetanus and rhinopneumonitis EHV-1 & EHV-4). See Allivet's Horse Vaccine Chart to find out which vaccine is right for your horse.

*This product cannot be shipped to MN.

Horse Sleeping Sickness Vaccines


Equine eastern Encephalitis is a viral disease that is often fatal in horses. Even though outbreaks are generally limited to a certain geographic perimeter due to the pattern of distribution of the vector, horses located in other areas in Florida may be at risk of contracting the disease, due to the current climatic conditions.


This transition occurs through the bite of an infected mosquito. Infected horses therefore do not represent a source of virus for people or other horses. Birds and wild animals constitute the reservoir species for the virus it multiplies in their body but they do not get sick. However their blood contains enough viral particles for mosquitoes to become infected during subsequent blood meals.


They are signs that identify the horse is sick with this sickness they involve fever (mild or severe), depression, lack of appetite and stiffness. These signs may last up to 5 days during which viremia (presence of the virus in the blood) occurs.


There are several of vaccines that help with this disease that we carry like: Fluvac innovator 4,5,and 6 and we also carry the fluvac innovator triple EFT to learn more please visit our website

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Fluvac Innovator 6

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