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Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats, 20 ml

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Product Overview

How To Use

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Questions & Answers

Product Description

Resultix Tick Spray is intended for use in cats and dogs to kill and remove ticks. It dissolves the waxy outer layer on a tick’s hard shell that kills the tick due to water loss in 3 hours after it is applied. It contains no pesticides that are conventional and is able to be used as needed. 

What is Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats, 20 ml?

Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats is an easy to use spray that quickly removes and kills ticks on your dog or cat.

Who is Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats, 20 ml for?

Resultix Tick Spray is intended for cat and dog use only.

Why use Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats, 20 ml?

Resultix Tick Spray:
  • Use it as often as it is needed
  • Has 200 sprays in each bottle
  • Contains no traditional pesticides
  • In 3 hours, kills cats and dogs' ticks

How does Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats, 20 ml work?

Resultix works by dissolving the wax layer that covers the cuticle or hard shell of the tick's body. This causes the tick to die due to water loss that is uncontrollable.



Active ingredient(s):

Isopropyl Myristate 50.0%

How is Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats, 20 ml sold?

.65 fl oz (20 ml) spray bottle

What special precautions are there?

This product should be kept away from animals and children.


Caution for Resultix: Avoid clothing, eyes, and skin contact. This product may cause irritation of eyes or skin. After handling this product, thoroughly wash with water and soap. Also wash your hands before using the toilet, using tobacco, chewing gum, drinking, or eating.

Hazards to the Environment: This product is toxic for fish and invertebrates. Never dump this product into water, oceans, estuaries, ponds, streams, lakes, or any other location where fish or invertebrates may be present.

This product is only intended for external use. Never administer this product near the eyes of cats or dogs. If skin is irritated, do not use this product. If skin becomes infected or irritated, stop treatment and contact your veterinarian.

What to do if overdose?

Contact your nearest emergency animal hospital

How can I store Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats, 20 ml?

Store in a dry and cool environment. Avoid extreme temperatures 15° C - 30° C (59° F - 86° F).

Helpful Tips:

If you observe a tick on your pet, hold the bottle upright and remove its cap. Nozzle should be aimed at the tick and sprayed until it is covered, typically two sprays.

Within 3 hours, the tick will die and either become immobile or fall off of your pet. If the tick falls off of your pet, pick it up carefully and dispose of it using tweezers or gloves.

If the tick does not fall off within 3 hours, remove it carefully using tweezers or gloves and dispose of it.

To properly dispose of a tick, place it in a sealed plastic bag, make sure the bag is completely sealed and put the bag in a garbage can outdoors. If you accidentally come in contact with a tick, wash your hands thoroughly.


Application And Use Instructions

For external use only. Do not use near dog’s or cat’s eyes. Do not use on irritated skin. Stop treatment with this product and consult a veterinarian if skin irritation or skin infection develops during use of product.

- Use when you see a tick or ticks on your dog or cat.

- Remove cap and hold bottle upright. Direct nozzle at tick and spray until tick is covered with solution (2 sprays).

- The tick will be dead within 3 hours; it will fall off of the dog or cat or will be immobile when removed.

- If tick falls off indoors within 3 hours of application, carefully pick up and dispose of tick using gloves or tweezers.

- After 3 hours, if the tick has not fallen off, remove carefully with gloves or tweezers and dispose of tick.

- Dispose of ticks by placing in sealable plastic bag, sealing the bag, and placing it in an outdoor garbage can.

- Wash hands after accidental exposure to any ticks.

Main Ingredients

Isopropyl Myristate  50.0%
TOTAL  100.0%

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Resultix Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats, 20 ml

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