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Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply)

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Product Overview

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Product Description

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs protects dogs against fleas and ticks for as long as 30 days. Additionally, it prevents pest reinfestation by removing flea larvae and eggs that would hatch in the future. It is also an effective way to repel and kill mosquitoes.

Package contains a 3-month supply (3 doses) and one reusable, convenient applicator.

What is Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply)?

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs provides flea and tick protection for dogs for up to 30 days. In addition to killing adult fleas and ticks, it also prevents reinfestation by knocking out flea eggs and larvae that could hatch later on, as well as killing and repelling mosquitoes.

Who is Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply) for?

For use in puppies (ages 12 weeks and up; 5 pounds and up) and dogs.

Why use Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply)?

Features of Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs:
  • Comes with a reusable and convenient applicator that keeps the product off of your hands during application, helping to part the hair for proper application
  • One dose provides up to thirty days of lasting protection
  • Prevents reinfestation by killing flea and tick larvae and flea eggs
  • Repels and kills mosquitoes
  • Effectively kills tick nymphs, adult ticks, and adult fleas

How does Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply) work?

This topical product contains Infest Stop™, an ingredient that works to kill ticks and fleas for as long as 30 days and prevents reinfestation. It does so by eradicating larvae and eggs that might hatch in the future. Finally, it works to repel and kill mosquitoes.



Active ingredient(s):

Etofenprox 50.00% Piperonyl Butoxide* 9.10% M-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide (MGK 264®) 0.91% Pyriproxyfen (Nylar®) 0.45% (S)-Methoprene 0.23%

How is Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply) sold?

Sold as 3 Month Supply with reusable applicator in different amount depending on your dogs weight as follows : Toy/Small Dogs 5 -14 lbs Medium Dogs 15 - 30 lbs Large Dogs 31 - 60 lbs Extra Large Dogs 61 - 150 lbs

What are the side effects of Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply)?

Your dog should be closely monitored following application. Potential adverse reactions include:
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Skin discomfort
  • Scratching
  • Redness
  • Skin irritation
If you notice these or any other side effect, notify your veterinarian.

What special precautions are there?

  • Sensitivity, including mild skin redness at the application site, can occur after applying this or any other pesticide product to a pet. If you notice any symptoms of sensitivity to this product, give your pet a bath using mild soap, rinse with plenty of water, and consult your veterinarian right away.
  • Speak with your veterinarian before administering this product to a nursing, medicated, pregnant, aged, sensitive, or debilitated animal.
  • Only safe for puppies over the age of 12 weeks and for dogs. Never use on any puppy or dog under 5 pounds.
  • Not for use on any other type of animal, including cats.
  • Cats should be kept away from treated puppies and dogs for a 24-hour period. If ingested or applied to a cat, seek veterinary advice.
  • After handling, thoroughly wash your hands using soap and water before using the toilet, using tobacco, chewing gum, drinking, or eating.
  • Do not allow contact with clothing, skin, or eyes.
  • Mild eye irritation can occur.
  • Potentially hazardous to humans.
  • Keep out of reach of animals and children.

What to do if overdose?

Contact your closest emergency pet hospital.

How can I store Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply)?

Store in a dry and cool environment.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE WITH Smart Shield APPLICATOR: It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Read and follow all directions and precautions on the product label.

USE RESTRICTIONS: Do not use more than one tube per dog/puppy and do not treat more than once per month. Do not allow your dog/puppy to ingest this product. (Do not bathe your dog 48 hours prior to application.)

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs works by application directly to the dog’s/puppy’s skin, not to the hair. When applying, use the Smart Shield Applicator device tip to push aside dog’s/puppy’s hair to allow direct application to the skin. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs provides a unique Smart Shield Applicator device that allows dog/puppy owners to treat their dogs/puppies more securely, and dispose of liquid tubes with less mess.

Note: Each package contains sufficient tubes for 1 or 3 applications.

To apply the Adams™ Plus Flea & Tick Spot On® for Dogs treatment, use one disposable liquid tube with the Smart Shield® Applicator device.

1. OPEN: Use finger scoop to lift open blue door.

2. LOAD: To Load, place tube white side up into the open Smart Shield® Applicator with front of tube placed under tab on door. Ensure that tube fits securely in the Smart Shield® Applicator.

3. CLOSE: Gently close the blue door and the tube will snap open.

4. APPLY: The dog/puppy should be standing for easy application. To apply, use the front edge of the Smart Shield® Applicator to part hair and get next to dog’s/puppy’s skin. Press circle on blue door once at each of 4 or 5 evenly placed spots between the shoulder and the base of the tail. Do not apply an excessive amount of the solution at any one spot that could cause some of the solution to run off the side of the dog/puppy. Do not spread the product by hand over the dog/puppy. Although the dog’s/puppy’s skin and hair oils will distribute the application over the entire dog/puppy, brushing the dog/puppy 12-24 hours after treatment will help to distribute the material over the skin.

5. DISPOSE: When finished, hold the Smart Shield® Applicator device over trash. To dispose of empty tube, open blue door and drop empty tube into trash or offer for recycling if available. Close the Smart Shield® Applicator device door and store in original package.

Main Ingredients

Active Ingredients
Etofenprox  50.00%
Piperonyl Butoxide*  9.10%
M-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide (MGK 264®)  0.91%
Pyriproxyfen (Nylar®)  0.45%
(S)-Methoprene  0.23%

TOTAL  100.00%

*(butyl carbityl) (6-propylpiperonyl) ether and related compounds

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Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spot On for Dogs (3 Month Supply)

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