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Bovikalc Boluses

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Product Overview

How To Use

What’s in it?


Questions & Answers

Product Description

"Bovikalc Boluses are oral calcium supplements that offer quick and long-term blood calcium level support for freshening dairy cows. In rumen, this bolus disintegrates rapidly. Calcium chloride is then immediately available, and calcium sulphate offers extended calcium release.

Boluses should be administered with the Bovikalc Plastic Balling Gun (#50988), which is sold separately."

What is Bovikalc Boluses?

Bovikalc Boluses are an oral calcium supplement that provides fast and extended support of blood calcium levels in freshening dairy cows.

Who is Bovikalc Boluses for?

For use in freshening dairy cows.

Why use Bovikalc Boluses?

Features of Bovikalc Boluses:
  • Potentially useful for organic farm use (consult your certifier prior to use)
  • Delivery system of the bolus works to minimize waste, reducing the risk of any material entering the lungs and causing aspiration pneumonia
  • Unique coating of fat is useful in minimizing throat irritation
  • Bolus is simply swallowed, making it easily-administered and ensuring that there is nothing for the cow to spit out
  • Provides freshening cows with calcium

How does Bovikalc Boluses work?

This product works in dairy cattle to support the levels of blood serum calcium in times of great calcium demand.


Boehringer Ingelheim

Active ingredient(s):

  • Calcium, minimum 21.4%
  • Calcium, maximum 24.6%
  • Each bolus of 190 g contains 43 grams of calcium.

How is Bovikalc Boluses sold?

4 ct or 48 ct Boluses

What special precautions are there?

  • Never use a broken bolus.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of force when administering the bolus to your cow.
  • Do not administer to cows with symptoms of milk fever or cows who are lying down.
  • Not for initial milk fever treatment.
  • If this product is handled in any unreasonably foreseeable or abnormal condition or contrary to the label instructions, the user assumes handling risks.
  • Severe adverse reactions can result from incorrect handling or use.
  • Label directions should be carefully followed.
  • Do not use in humans.
  • Keep out of reach of animals and children.

What to do if overdose?

Contact the closest pet hospital

How can I store Bovikalc Boluses?

Store in original packaging at or below 30°C (86°F). Keep in a dry location and stored in the plastic tubes until immediately before use.

Helpful Tips:

If you're using an anionic salt program in your herd, your cattle can benefit from Bovikalc. Anionic salt can cause a reduction in subclinical hypocalcemia cases, but it might not eradicate it completely. Research has shown that herds with an efficient anionic salt program can benefit from supplementing fresh cows with this product because it further reduces cases of subclinical hypocalcemia.


Feeding Directions:

Boluses are given to the cow using a special Bovikalc bolus applicator sold separately. Allivet product #50988 Bovikalc Plastic Balling Gun

Give one bolus of Bovikalc prior to or immediately after calving and a second bolus twelve hours later.

1. Place the bolus in the bolus applicator with the rounded end pointing forward.

2. If right handed: Place yourself at the cow’s right side. Grab the cow’s upper jaw with your left hand and raise its head. Keep the cow’s head high and a little towards yourself.

3. Gently guide the Bovikalc applicator loaded with one Bovikalc bolus into the cow’s mouth. When you feel resistance gently guide the applicator over the tongue.

4. When the Bovikalc applicator is as far back in the cow’s mouth as possible press the handle to release the bolus. Remove the applicator.


The Bovikalc bolus will disintegrate quickly in the rumen. The calcium chloride is available immediately, while the calcium sulfate will provide sustained release of calcium.

Main Ingredients

Guaranteed Analysis:
Calcium, minimum 21.4%
Calcium, maximum 24.6%

Each bolus of 190 g contains 43 grams of calcium.

Calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, water, fat product, xanthan gum.

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Bovikalc Boluses

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