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Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz

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Product Overview

How To Use

What’s in it?


Questions & Answers

Product Description

Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray is useful in managing intact skin, cuts, minor irritations, pecking wounds, and skin abrasions in turkey and chickens. It is a safe and non-toxic treatment for poultry of any age.

What is Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz?

Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray is intended for the management of skin abrasions, pecking wounds, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin in chickens and turkeys.

Who is Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz for?

For use in turkeys and chickens.

Why use Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz?

Features of Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray:
  • Proudly made in the United States of America
  • Antibiotic-free
  • No egg withdrawal period required
  • Safe for any chicken of any age
  • Safe when ingested
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritating
  • Promotes tissue health

How does Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz work?

This spray uses advanced hypochlorous technology, which is effective and safe for the cleaning of scratches, pecking injuries, abrasions, or cuts. The specific pH level makes this formula non-burning and non-stinging.


Innovacyn, Inc

Active ingredient(s):

Hypochlorous Acid (0.0120%)

How is Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz sold?

8 oz spray bottle

What are the side effects of Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz?

No known side effects

What special precautions are there?

  • Does not contain dyes or harsh chemicals.
  • Non-staining.
  • Safe when licked by animals.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Only for use in animals. Not for use in humans.
  • Withdraw use if irritation occurs, then speak to your veterinarian.
  • If systemic issues arise, notify your veterinarian.
  • Not injectable. Only safe for external use.

What to do if overdose?

Contact your closest pet hospital

How can I store Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz?

Store at room temperature


Directions For Use :
Clear feathers away from affected area, trim if necessary. Adjust spray nozzle and saturate the affected area, flushing away any foreign debris. If dressing is required, saturate dressing with Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care at each dressing change. Repeat 3-4 times per day until wound is healed. No rinsing necessary. Faster healing is achieved when wounds are cleaned and maintained moist. Safe for use around the head and sensitive areas.

Main Ingredients


Active: Hypochlorous Acid (0.0120%) 

Inactive: Electrolyzed Water, Sodium Chloride, Phosphates, Sodium Hypochlorite

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Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care Spray, 8 oz

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