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Catron IV

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Product Overview

How To Use

What’s in it?


Questions & Answers

Product Description

Catron IV is useful on wounds to repel and kill horn flies, house flies, face flies, deer flies, horse flies, stable flies, gnats, maggots, mosquitoes, and ear ticks.

What is Catron IV?

Catron IV is an aerosol spray which controls insects on beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, hogs and horser.

Who is Catron IV for?

For use on horses, swine, goats, sheep, dairy cattle, and beef cattle.

Why use Catron IV?

Catron IV is an insect control product with a convenient blue dye, making it easy to identify the treated areas.

How does Catron IV work?

This product works on wounds to repel and kill:
  • Horn flies
  • House flies
  • Face flies
  • Deer flies
  • Horse flies
  • Stable flies
  • Gnats
  • Screwworms
  • Fleece worms
  • Blood-sucking lice
  • Poultry lice
  • Fly maggots
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ear ticks


Boehringer Ingelheim

Active ingredient(s):

Permethrin 0.50%

How is Catron IV sold?

10 oz

What are the side effects of Catron IV?

No side effects.

What special precautions are there?

  • This product can cause harm if inhaled, absorbed into skin, or swallowed.
  • Never store or use around open flame or heat.
  • Carefully read and abide by label instructions before use.

What to do if overdose?

Contact your closest emergency pet hospital.

How can I store Catron IV?

Store in a dry and cool environment. Do not freeze.


To kill and control screwworms, fleece worms (wool maggots) and other blow fly maggots in and around superficial wounds: Spray wounds thoroughly allowing spray to penetrate into pockets made by maggots. Apply over discharge around wound to prevent reinfestation. Treat at five to seven day intervals until wound is healed.
To protect wounds from flies: For castration, de-horning, docking, branding, wire and shear cut wounds, spray directly onto the wound and on surrounding area. Treat navels of newborn animals. Apply to drainage area below wound to prevent fly infestations. Repeat at five to seven day intervals until wounds are healed. Bacterial infections of wounds should be prevented or treated with supplemental disinfectants or appropriate antibiotic therapy.
To kill ear ticks: For spinose ear ticks: Spray downward directly into animal's ear. Retreat as necessary. For gulf coast ear ticks: Spray directly onto ticks on outer surface of animal's ear. Retreat as necessary.
To protect beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, sheep, hogs and horses from attacks of stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, face flies, house flies, horn flies, mosquitoes and gnats: Spray about 3 seconds on each side being careful to spray back, withers and forelegs thoroughly. To protect from Face Flies, spray the face and head, but do not spray into eyes. Repeat treatment when flies are troublesome.
To control blood sucking lice: Apply to the infested areas of the animal using a stiff brush to get the spray to the base of the hair. Repeat every 3 weeks if required.
To control poultry lice: Spray roosts, walls and nests or cages thoroughly. This should be followed by spraying over the birds with a fine mist.

Main Ingredients

Permethrin 0.50%, Other ingredients 99.50%

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Catron IV

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