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Chemistry Analyzers

Chemistry Analyzers
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I-STAT Portable Clinical Analyzer

i-STAT Portable Clinical Analyzer - Blood Gas Test. Abaxis Portable Handheld Clinical Analyzers, instrument kit including all...

Allivet Price$8199.00
EC8+ I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Test

EC8+ I-stat Cartridge Chemistry, electrolytes, acid base status FOR USE WITH I-STAT Portable Clinical Analyzer.

Allivet Price$449.99
ACT Celite I-Stat Cartridge - 25 Tests

ACT Cartridge Celite-Activated Coagulation Time. FOR USE WITH I-STAT Portable Clinical Analyzer.

Allivet Price$249.00

Chemistry Analyzers

Chemical Analyzers allow you to test certain things on your animal, such as Creatine, Glucose, and pH levels. They are great because they  can have results in 2 minutes, are perfect for emergency situations, pre-op, anesthetic monitoring and therapy monitoring, and can have accurate results for quick and confident treatment decisions. The I-STAT Portable Clinical Analyzer is a great choice.