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Preg-Alert Pro

The Preg-Alert Pro is a multi-purpose highly versatile A-Mode ultrasonic instrument for performing the following tests and me...

Allivet Price$1499.00
Preg-Alert Pro Probe

Preg-Alert Pro Probe - Deep Probe for Early Pregnancy Detection in Cows & Mares. For use with Preg-Alert Pro.

Allivet Price$439.99
Electric Tail Dock Cutter

Electric Tail Dock Cutter is a useful tool that cuts and cauterizes the same time.

Allivet Price$69.99
Hot Shot The Green RECHARGABLE

Top-Of-The-Line 'Premium' Prod, designed and built for the commercial truckers. Hot-Shot has the most power of all the Hot-Sh...

Allivet Price$149.99
Hot Shot The Red 36 inch

Economical Hot-Shot Typical User: Some Truckers, cattle producers, packing houses Circuitry Type: Mechanical Main Features: R...

Allivet Price$65.99
Lean Meater

Lean Meater for accurate, scientific and foolproof backfat measurements by the use of ultrasound. The LEAN-MEATER makes backf...

Allivet Price$584.00
Preg Tone II Plus w/ Ear Phone

Preg Tone Plus Pregnancy Tester for Swine. Confirm pregnant or open in less then 30 seconds ! (At 30 days). Safe - All testin...

Allivet Price$269.00

PREG-TONE A Fast, Safe, and Accurate Ultrasonic Pregnancy Tester for Hogs and Sheep. No lights to watch! No buttons to push! ...

As Low As$469.00
Lean Meater Probe

Lean Meater Probe

Allivet Price$189.99
Buster Pet Piller with Soft Tip

The Pet Piller Syringe with Soft Tip is a syringe-like tool with finger rings that is used when giving tablets or capsules to...

Allivet Price$2.99
Global Pocket Reader

The Pocket Reader series offers two durable and versatile radio-frequency identification (RFID) models that are ideal for low...

Allivet Price$399.99


Various kinds of farm and ranch instruments and livestock handling equipment are available. Farm and ranch equipment such as ultrasonic instruments, electric tail dock cutters, pregnancy probes and pregnancy testers help to make many tasks easier and more efficient. Deep probes allow farmers to detect pregnancy in a timely and effective manner. Farm ultrasonic instruments make it possible to measure loin muscle thickness and detect livestock pregnancies.