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Preg-Alert Pro

The Preg-Alert Pro is a multi-purpose highly versatile A-Mode ultrasonic instrument for performing the following tests and me...

Allivet Price$1499.00
Preg-Alert Pro Probe

Preg-Alert Pro Probe - Deep Probe for Early Pregnancy Detection in Cows & Mares. For use with Preg-Alert Pro.

Allivet Price$439.99
Electric Tail Dock Cutter

Electric Tail Dock Cutter is a useful tool that cuts and cauterizes the same time.

Allivet Price$69.99
Hot Shot The Green RECHARGABLE

Top-Of-The-Line 'Premium' Prod, designed and built for the commercial truckers. Hot-Shot has the most power of all the Hot-Sh...

Allivet Price$149.99
Hot Shot The Red 36 inch

Economical Hot-Shot Typical User: Some Truckers, cattle producers, packing houses Circuitry Type: Mechanical Main Features: R...

Allivet Price$65.99
Lean Meater

Lean Meater for accurate, scientific and foolproof backfat measurements by the use of ultrasound. The LEAN-MEATER makes backf...

Allivet Price$584.00
Preg Tone II Plus w/ Ear Phone

Preg Tone Plus Pregnancy Tester for Swine. Confirm pregnant or open in less then 30 seconds ! (At 30 days). Safe - All testin...

Allivet Price$269.00

PREG-TONE A Fast, Safe, and Accurate Ultrasonic Pregnancy Tester for Hogs and Sheep. No lights to watch! No buttons to push! ...

As Low As$469.00
Lean Meater Probe

Lean Meater Probe

Allivet Price$189.99
Buster Pet Piller with Soft Tip

Buster Pet Piller with Soft Tip

Allivet Price$2.99

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